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Christmas Eve is over and the New Year is fast approaching. It’s that time of the year again when many, if not most, will commit to losing those few extra pounds that festivities brought. However, by the end of January, most of us will fail on our mission to make it to the gym every single day due to our busy lives and hardwired routines. So this year, let’s make a resolution that is achievable and easy to maintain. For 2017, let’s focus on recycling waste.

Below are 7 ways to turn your resolutions into lasting green habits:

  1. Start with Christmas Waste Recycling
    Christmas is the craziest time of the year with so many gifts to buy, so many things to prioritize from a big shopping list, and so many get-togethers to attend! With so much fun, food and excitement going on at the same time, recycling takes a back seat. But the festive season is actually the best time of the year to recycle almost everything right from metal jars and plastic bottles to Christmas cards and cardboard packaging. Toss all those plastic bottles, metal cans, tubs, trays, jars, cardboard packages and pots into a recycling bag and visit your nearest recycling center. Don’t forget to sort your waste into paper, metal, glass and cardboard and complete closure on the Christmas day.
  2. Stop Wish Cycling and Recycle with Certainty
    This year be firm with your recycling resolution and check with your local hauler for all the stuff that can be accepted for recycling. Most haulers should accept cardboard cartons, glass bottles, metal cans, paper, plastic jars, cups, trays, and containers. Limit your use of plastic bags and buy things in recyclable packaging. Say no to unnecessary catalogs and stop using paper towels. Waste less and save the landfill space.
  3. Turn Waste Collection into a Fun Family Activity
    Have your entire family collect waste for an entire week. Then gather all the waste and have them race to see who can sort it fastest. Reward those who rightly sorted their bins and make the entire waste collection activity fast and fun-filled.
  4. Reuse Whatever You Can
    Collect all the Christmas waste that is in good condition and can be reused. Drop it at your local reuse outlet and encourage your friends to do it as well. Before you buy new stuff, make sure you put the old to good use.
  5. Know What Can be Recycled
    If you are uncertain about what can be recycled and what cannot do not toss stuff in the recycling bin just because you think it can be recycled. Many items that cannot be recycled end up contaminating other things in the trash. They may also damage the recycling equipment at the center and so, it is important that you learn more about recycling waste.
  6. Promote the BYO (Bring Your Own) Program
    Start carrying your own reusable bottles, cups, and containers to parties, potlucks and get-togethers. Bring home all the leftovers rather than throwing it away and wasting it. Find out restaurants that accept your reusable containers in place of plastic takeaway containers.
  7. Reduce your Carbon-Footprint
    Any resolution that is made to reduce the environmental impact whether it is by reducing waste, reusing things or recycling things plays a vital role in saving landfill space which in turn conserves energy and reduces the emission of greenhouse gasses. In the process, you also end up saving money and creating more recycling jobs apart from reducing your carbon footprint.

While it may seem a little difficult to maintain your New Year Resolution of recycling waste, it is not impossible. Simply keep the above-mentioned points in mind and start with small changes in your day-to-day life and eventually you should be able to conquer all 7 and save the environment. So get started with recycling your Christmas waste and turn your wish cycling into recycling!