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Paper ShredderIndustrial shredders are a crucial cog in various kinds of facilities across the world. While its functioning is relatively easy, the fact remains that even the slightest of negligence can result in operational safety hazard. Right from its capacity to its maintenance to choosing the right machine which suits your requirements – this guide will help you understand how you can ensure safe operations when it comes to a valuable asset of your plant. Let’s take a look:

  • Always Take Into Account the Capacity

One of the first steps you can take to ensure safe operations when it comes to industrial shredders is to take into account its capacity. This includes knowing the number of sheets of paper which the machine can shred at a time, also whether or not the equipment is designed to deal with items such as debit/credit cards, CD’s etc. The operator has to have thorough knowledge of the equipment capacity. To maintain a safe operating level, it is advisable to operate the machine within its capacity levels. For instance, always shred a couple of sheets less than the machine’s capability. Overfeed indicators on the shredders can help the users gauge whether or not they are overloading the machine.

  • Turn off When Not in Use

A majority of industrial shredders today come with an inbuilt feature of switching themselves off when they are not in use. But at the same time there are many types of industrial shredders in use which do not have this feature. If your equipment also lacks this automated switch off feature, care should be taken to turn the machine off when it is not in use. This is important from safety point of view because, if the shredder remains on even when not in use, the motor will run constantly and eventually result in overheating. This may result in fire. Hence, it is of utmost importance to turn off the shredder when not in use.

  • Conduct Appropriate Maintenance

Regular maintenance of equipment like industrial shredders can not only help avoid costly downtimes but also lower the risks of operational safety hazards. Always follow the manufacturer’s instruction for maintenance and ensure that only trained and qualified personnel carry out the maintenance and maintain a record for the same. If there are any lapses in the maintenance procedure, it can result in loss of labor, time and money. In worst case scenario, it may result in serious injury also. For instance, when the shredder is to be oiled, always make sure that only a lubricant formulated for this machine is used. No other oil other than shredder oil should be used. Again, the instruction manual mentions the relevant information regarding the type of oil to be used, the process and its frequency. It is important to follow this information so as to avoid any operational safety hazards.

  • Keep Fire Prevention in Mind

Fire prevention is one of the top safety agenda across industries. The nature of operations involved in an industrial shredder can make it a potential fire hazard. However, if the operators are appropriately trained regarding fire hazard possibilities, they can operate the equipment with more care. Besides, industrial shredders now have carefully positioned infrared, UV, heat and spark detectors on their inlet hopper and discharge conveyor. These elements can sense when a fire is about to break out and hence a hazard can be avoided with proper supervision. 

  • Choose the Right Technology

Thanks to technological advancements, the design of the shredder can substantially impact the operator’s safety. Choose a shredder which has low-wear and long-lasting parts and no belt drive or pulleys. This type of design reduces the chances of a breakdown. Also, shredders with touch screen control panels enable the user to diagnose any complication without entering the machine itself. All such advanced technological features contribute towards enhanced operator safety.

To learn more about how you can ensure enhanced operational safety levels with industrial shredders, get in touch with us at Compactor Management Company, today.