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Safeguarding the Environment – Recycling and Its Impact

World Environment Day – the day when it’s not rare seeing pictures of people planting seeds on social media. But are we conscious of our everyday responsibilities towards the environment? Our needs are slowly […]

Things That Should Never Go in A Commercial Trash Compactor

A commercial trash compactor is a sturdy waste handling equipment that reduces the size of waste material from industries through the process of compaction. A practical alternative to waste management, it contracts heavy recyclables […]

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    Global Recycling Day 2019: Interesting Facts and Useful Tips You Should Know

Global Recycling Day 2019: Interesting Facts and Useful Tips You Should Know

Global Recycling Day was first celebrated on 18th March 2018 to acknowledge the role of recycling in conserving our resources and securing the future of our planet. And this year’s theme is, ‘Recycling into […]

5 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Industrial Recycling

Every industrial process produces waste but most of it can be reduced and reused with industrial waste recycling. No matter what industry you’re in – manufacturing, medical, hospitality or agriculture, every business can help […]

6 Steps of the Scrape Plastic Recycling Process

Why Plastic Recycling is the Need of the Hour  
The ultimate goal of plastic recycling is to minimize the rate of pollution caused by plastics and create a cleaner and greener environment for the […]

How Recycling Plastics Can Benefit Your Business Big Time

Plastic is undoubtedly one of the most widely used materials across the world. Thousands of types of plastics are used to manufacture a variety of products from pet bottles to clothing. This in turn […]

Industrial Shredder Basics: Different Types and Their Uses

What are Industrial Shredders?
Industrial shredders are state-of-the-art devices that efficiently shred every material from tissues and thin plastics to corrugated boxes and beverage containers. Essentially, industrial machines need special voltage lines that take up […]

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    All About Plastic Shredders: From Applications to Advantages

All About Plastic Shredders: From Applications to Advantages

Plastic Shredders and Their Key Features  
Plastic shredders play a key role in plastic recycling plants and production facilities. It offers several benefits in addition to processing plastics that are used as raw materials […]

7 Constructive and Alternative Uses of Shredded Tires

Here’s your chance to increase your profits and reduce your business’s environmental footprint by making the most of shredded tires.

Old tires are a serious environmental hazard if left alone but they are surprisingly helpful […]

How Mill Waste Can Help Businesses Make Money

Waste management is an expensive process. Transportation, handling and disposing waste not only costs businesses a lot of money but also increases their environmental impact. However, today, businesses can make money out of their […]