11 Common Types of Businesses That Use Balers for Waste Management

Baler equipment is a vital equipment for waste management and recycling. It can compress almost all kinds of materials, including plastic, aluminum, paper, cardboard, etc. Baler contributes to preventing the environment by enabling the production of energy and paper through recyclable material. Both big and small businesses use balers to shrink their waste and dispose it for recycling.

The smaller business can prevent their expense of collection bins by using baler. And big companies can make money by selling waste to recycling companies.

What does a Baler do?

Baler compresses the waste into cube-like structures, which can be called ‘bales.’ These cubes or rectangles are less bulky and solid in their structure. Therefore they consume less space for storage. A baling wire is also wrapped around all the packages for safe handling and transporting. Different industries have different uses of balers.

There are agricultural balers, commercial and industrial balers. They all have their significance in their respective fields. Let us explore more about the widely-used industrial balers.

What can be put in a Baler?

Balers come in different sizes and types. They can compress the following materials:

  • Textile
  • Plastic
  • Cardboard
  • Newspaper
  • Aluminium
  • Cans
  • Packaging foam and other reusable waste of any given quantity

What Types of Businesses Use Balers?

There is a wide range many types of businesses that use balers. Following is the list of some prominent industries that use balers –

  1. Warehouses

    Warehouses generate wastes like concrete, vegetable matter, masonry, scrap metal, etc. And the quantity generated is too huge to manage manually. Therefore baler equipment is a wise investment for warehouses.

  2. Manufacturing Facilities

    Industrial waste generated by manufacturing facilities is similar to the waste generated by the warehouse. However, it is on a much larger scale. Therefore it is one of the leading businesses that use balers.

  3. Restaurants

    The ingredients and products to prepare food come in cardboard boxes. It’s not practical to fold and keep each box for busy businesses like restaurants. Baler can help significantly to shrink and store these boxes instantly.


  4. Hotels

    Hotels have even more extensive baler uses. Huge recyclable waste is generated from their rooms and kitchen every day. Waste management through baler saves a lot of money and time for the hotel industry.

  5. Distribution Centers

    Here also, a lot of cardboard goes into the garbage every day. It is not eco-friendly to not recycle it. Therefore baler machine recycling is a kind of boon for their waste management.

  6. Garden Centers

    Garden centers use a lot of plastic packaging for plants, manures, and soils. These centers can manage waste logistics of several acres by using balers to make stackable and easily disposable cubes.

  7. Retail Businesses

    Retail businesses generate all kinds of garbage, be it plastic, cardboard, cans, papers, etc. They sometimes need two different balers for plastic and cardboard. But small stores and companies can work with one baler as well.

  8. Printing Press

    A printing press is full of papers. It can be a nightmare for their staff to manage daily waste. They have extensive use of baler to keep their workplace tidy. Balers are the most cost-effective and time-saving solution for them.

  9. Superstores

    Looking at the volume of waste generated in a superstore, using baler equipment is not an option but a necessity. They need to keep their waste in a more tidy fashion for the sake of their customers. A large store might even need two balers.

  10. Schools and Universities

    Cardboard, papers, uneaten cafeteria food, etc., are the organic wastes which schools and universities essentially generate. It will be highly unethical not to recycle this waste. Thus these institutions need baler for waste management.

  11. Recycling Center

    workers at paper recycling factory

    These centers collect waste from everywhere. It will be a logistics nightmare not to use the baler to manage all the garbage collected. Bigger recycling centers need more than one baler equipment. It would be best if one of them is an industrial baler.

Take Away!

All the major commercial set-ups use baler for waste management. It saves money, time, energy, and the environment as well. Compactor Management Company provides installation and support services for industrial balers  and other waste recycling equipment since 1981 across the U.S.A.