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Did you know that a staggering 8.3 million Americans fell victim to identity theft in 2016 alone? And that 88% of their personal information was stolen from their dumpsters?

Well with cases such as these, the best way to protect yourself is by disposing of your sensitive information in a way that no one can use it against you right? And what better way to protect yourself than with paper shredders right?

There are various different types of shredders out there to choose from which range from simple paper shredders to the latest high-tech disintegrators and hammer mills. Paper shredders are subdivided according to the final size of their shredded pieces.

Why Do You Need a Paper Shredder?

Are you protecting yourself from identity theft or do you want to comply with protection legislation or are you simply looking to clear up the clutter that occupies your office? You should consider all these factors when deciding on the best paper shredder for you.

Where Will You be Using Your Shredder?

You should think about where you will be using your shredder as well as how many people will be using it. Also consider how much run time your shredder will need and how often it will be used. Large offices may have a large number of users who need to use the shredder one after the other whereas smaller offices may require less frequent use of the shredder.

What Should be the Level of Security of Your Paper Shredder?

The level of security usually differs according to the types of shredders and their DIN levels. The higher the DIN level the smaller the cut size. Here are the 4 different types of paper shredders:

  • Strip Cut Shredders
  • Strip cut shredders use a rotating blade to slice paper into long strips and are the simplest and least secure way of shredding your documents as the strips can be re-assembled by anyone who has enough time and patience.

  • Cross-Cut Shredders
  • These are also known as confetti shredders and are designed to cut paper into tiny diamond shapes or squares. These pieces tend to range from 3/8 of an inch to 1/32 inch.

  • Micro-Cut Shredders
  • Micro-cut shredders are the most secure types of paper shredders as they shred the paper into extremely tiny particles. These commercial shredders can shred a single A4 sheet of paper into more than 12 thousand pieces. Micro-cut shredders are normally used by government agencies and research facilities to dispose of their top-secret documents.

  • Grinders
  • Grinders are heavy-duty shredding machines that use several blades to shred up paper till the particles are tiny enough for them to pass through a sizing screen. Some grinder models are capable of shredding CDs, DVDs as well as USB flash drives and tapes.

    Here are 5 extra features that you need in your personal shredder to protect your sensitive data better:

  • It must be Jam-Proof
  • Paper jams are a hindrance to your paper shredder. Having paper jam technology in your shredder not only eliminates any jam hindrances but also powers the tough jobs and prevents any jamming of shredders due to excess loads. The jam-proof sensor automatically measures paper for its width and thickness upon insertion.

  • Safe Sense Technology
  • Check for the level of protection that your shredder offers you such as automatically sensing when your hands touch the shredder and shutting down.

  • Shredding Speed
  • Having a shredder with a fast shredding speed allows you to shred your documents faster. One thing that sets your device apart from the competition is its shredding speed.

  • Power Saving
  • It is best to purchase a shredder that has a basic Auto-Shut Off feature which automatically shuts off the machine when it is not in use. This reduces the consumption of energy as well as being economical to you as well.

  • Ease of Use
  • The shredder of your choice must be user-friendly and easy to use. An example of this is the ease with which the shredded paper bin can be emptied at so it becomes less of a chore. The shredder can also have a plastic guard to prevent any shreds of paper flying out of the machine’s slots as well as having wheels so it is easier for you to maneuver around your office easily.

    With information becoming a highly valued and dangerous commodity if not disposed of properly, it is wise to get a paper shredder of your own. Get in touch with our professional at the Northern California Compactors, Inc. for help in choosing the most suitable shredder for you today!