A commercial trash compactor is a type of equipment that allows you to reduce the impact of the waste produced on landfills. When you place trash inside the trash compactor, a metal ram crushes the waste into small and manageable pieces which are disposed in a trash compactor bag. Trash compactors have just a few components — metal ram that crushes the garbage, the bin to place the garbage in and a switch which turns it on.

recycling garbage collector truck loading waste and trash bin

Let us look at some reasons why you should consider setting aside some money to install a commercial trash compactor within your company premises.

  • Prevent Unauthorized Access to WasteThere may be instances where unauthorized personnel may fill your dumpster with their trash. Trash compactors prevent such instances as they cannot be accessed easily by those who are not authorized.
  • Reduce Employee PilferageWhen you have trash compactors inside the company, it will reduce the need for employees to go outside the building unsupervised. This helps in minimizing the risks of employee pilferage.
  • Minimize Foul Odors from TrashSome waste may emit foul or unpleasant odors. Trash compactors help in minimizing such foul  odor as some are air-tight and liquid-tight. In fact, some even have air sanitizers which reduce the emitted odors.
  • Tackle Vermin and Insect Problems with EaseUsing air-tight trash compactors will help in keeping insects and vermin from inhabiting within your trash. Once they invade your trash, it will lead up to significant problems that may become difficult to handle later on.
  • Reduce Litter caused by Loose TrashAn open dumpster aids loose trash in blowing astray. Not only will this litter the space around the dumpster, but also invite insects as well as gathering dust. Trash compactors ensure that the wind doesn’t blow the loose debris and litter your surroundings by keeping the trash in one place.
  • Reduce Fire HazardsSafety is a crucial aspect of any business. Loose trash and debris pose as a matter of safety by being at risk of catching fire by accident or further aid fire, if there is any. A trash compactor will reduce such risks significantly by making sure that there is no overflow of trash, thus reducing fire hazards.
  • Enhance Office AestheticsImagine walking into a room and finding trash strewn in places. Even if there are trash cans in sight, they might be overflowing. Trash compactors will enable you to keep less trash in sight and enhance the overall appearance and hygiene of your company.
  • Save SpaceWhich sounds like a better deal — keeping a lot of trash cans in and around the work space which can take up a lot of floor and dumpster space or installing a commercial trash compactor that helps in saving a lot of space? The answer is definitely a trash compactor. You will be amazed to find out how much space you can save, both interior and exterior, by installing trash compactors.
  • Efficient and Easy Handling of Liquid WasteIt is tricky to handle liquid waste in open dumpsters and it can get quite unhygienic as well. Some commercial trash compactors have liquid-tight enclosures which enable you to compact and dispose wet waste as efficiency and sanitarily as dry waste.
  • Reduce Labor CostsIt may look insignificant, but employees can waste a lot of time on taking out the trash or to manage the overflowing trash cans. Trash compactors help in reducing such labor costs and increase employee efficiency, which can be better utilized on other business tasks.
  • Save MoneyWhen you have a trash compactor within your facility, you need not have trash haulers come regularly to pick up your trash. This helps in saving money on your waste management expenses.