The waste produced by grocery stores and supermarkets is more today than ever before. If you own or operate a grocery store and are not recycling cardboard effectively, you are missing out on huge profits. You can receive handsome rebates from recycle-hauling companies. In fact, these companies offer high rebates for cardboard bales that have been recycled by a baler.

About Cardboard Recycling
Cardboard recycling

The increase of supermarkets and grocery stores has increased the amount of cardboard waste. This necessitates a stringent approach to waste management in general and, recycling in particular.

The fact that cardboard waste is usually mixed with wet waste is a challenge. This challenge needs a delicate approach. Luckily, innovation has brought forth solutions. Today, there is specialized equipment that compacts waste cardboard. The result is a smaller bulk that is easy to transport and manage.

Importance of Compacting Cardboard and Paper Waste

The advantages of compressing cardboard waste into a smaller package include:

  • The compacted waste occupies less space
  • More cardboard waste can be stored in a small bin
  • It reduces storage and pick-up costs
  • It makes the grocery store and supermarket less prone to health hazards and accidents

The Need for Recycling and Waste Reduction

While the world becomes more populated, the sources of many materials are dwindling. This has caused companies to step up their approaches to recycle modern waste. In fact, some regulations impose stringent measures such as high taxation to producers of materials that are not environmentally friendly. Discover how to remain compliant with the recycling regulations.

Equipment for Recycling

If you are a grocery store owner or a supermarket manager, discover different recycling equipment that you could invest in. The efficiency of each depends on the setting of your store and the amount of cardboard waste produced by your store. Some of the equipment includes:

1. Vertical Balers
A vertical baler is designed to take up different sizes of recyclable cardboard and waste paper. You will marvel at the efficient approach of baling the waste and making them ready for recycling. Perhaps the biggest advantage of using the baler is that the machine occupies little space. It brings numerous cardboard recycling benefits to your grocery store or supermarket.

2. Vertical compactors
Is your solid waste a mix of wet and dry cardboard or paper? Do not worry anymore. Simply invest in the vertical trash compactor and have it installed over an open top container.
While you eliminate the undesirable sight of overflowing trashcans, this equipment takes care of theft and unauthorized use. Another benefit is the reduction of the trips made by trash-hauling pickups to your store.

3. Self-Contained Compactors
If you need to manage liquid waste spillage, invest in one of these recyclers today. It comes with a smart liquid tight seal that when properly used, manages bad odors. For this reason, it is a compactor that all grocery stores must have.

4. Stationary Compactors
Is your store choking up with paper and cardboard waste? Invest in the stationary compactor and enjoy unprecedented management of recyclable materials. The high-performance equipment roll-off containers that detach easily from the compaction unit.
The ease of use means that employees will enjoy recycling waste. The overall benefit is that your store compacts more waste, spending fewer resources in the process. Additionally, everyone in the store is safe from health hazards.

5. Pre-Crusher
Just as the name suggests, the pre-crusher cuts the volume of recyclable waste to a smaller size before compaction. This saves on space needed for storing waste. The machine then forces the compacted material into a receiving container.

Invest in a baler, a trash compactor, and the other waste management equipment today and enjoy unrivaled convenience.