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Businesses can benefit greatly from investing in a trash compactor. Some of those benefits include: saving on space, transport, time and fuel as trips made to the dump or landfill are significantly reduced. There are different compactors to fit the various businesses. This blog looks at the various compactors available to all businesses.


Trash Compactors for Every Business

  • Compactor Cart Combo – All in One Portable Trash Compactors:
    Ideal for hospitals, restaurants, resorts, medical and healthcare facilities, nursing homes, cafeterias, marine and boat use, casinos, commercial kitchens, colleges, utility rooms, hotels, schools, ships, marinas, amusement parks and more.
  • Portable Trash Compactors:
    These come with a cart already built in so as to manage both safety and space consideration. The cart holds a poly bag that the compacted trash is held in. It holds about 750 gallons of trash.
    Ideal for schools, casinos, marine use and boats, medical and healthcare facilities, colleges, hotels, commercial kitchens, hospitals, restaurants, amusement parks, utility rooms, ships, resorts, marinas and more.

    It comes with a plastic container that holds a poly bag. The trash is pressed into a cube and the trash compactor can hold up to one thousand gallons of trash. It comes with a lift-cart that is separate.

  • Compacting Dumpsters:
    Ideal for hotels, medical and healthcare facilities, amusement parks, manufacturing, hotels, schools, colleges, casinos, restaurants, fast food joints, resorts, facilities and the like.

    This commercial trash compactor can hold as much as thirty yards of trash prior to emptying. You can save money with this compactor because your trash hauling charges can be cut by 50% and in some cases more than that depending on your particular circumstances.

  • Bin Compactors:
    Portable: Ideal for Warehouses, Department and Retail Stores, Bakery and Food industry, Shop floors, Printing and many more.

    These industrial trash compactors are ideal for areas where a lot of trash is generated like processing lines and production lines as well. They can be fed using a chute or even manually and the trash is palletized to make transportation easier.

  • Indoor Hopper Compactors:
    These are ideal for street-level applications.

    The compactor has a 5:1 or 4:1 compacting ratio. They easily accommodate fluctuation in the volume of trash because you simply need to add containers. Ideally, you should have at least 2 containers.

  • Vertical Outdoor Compactors:
    Ideal for medical and healthcare facilities, offices, restaurants, manufacturing, department stores, motels and hotels, chain stores, hospitals and more.

    If you are in places with limited hauler access, this trash compactor is a good idea. They can be fed via a chute and located next to your facility. They have 2 yard containers and are easy to wheel to where the hauler is.

  • Outdoor Hopper Compactors:
    Ideal for situations where you need to load the compactor not from ground level, but from a dock.

    These can be used for both dry and wet waste. They can be tipped using a rear or front loader and this can be done on site. They tend to be small and are great if you have a confined space.

  • Thru-the-Wall Compactors:
    These are ideal for places where the compactor is located outside.

    They are designed so that they are not fed directly, but through a chute in the wall. The containers can be changed in order to accommodate the volume of trash.

  • Pre-Crushers / Compactors:
    Ideal for general manufacturing, boat builders, auto, manufactured housing, waste recycling, construction, aerospace, appliance and more.

    These industrial trash compactors are great for bulky trash. They come with a large container that can withstand great force when crushing is taking place.

  • Stationary Compactors:
    Ideal for Department stores, chain stores, offices, manufacturing, restaurants, medical and healthcare facilities, hospitals, motels, hotels and more.

    These work best in situations where there is a high volume of trash and can be fed via a chute or manually. They come with a 30 or 40-yard container.

  • Self-Contained Compactors:
    Ideal for department stores, restaurants, convenience stores, nursing homes, motels, schools, hotels, resorts and more.

    These work best where no leakage is required and where the space is confined.

  • Single Stream Two Compartment Self-Contained Compactors:
    Ideal for large waste generators such as restaurants.

    These are excellent if your business generates a lot of mixed waste where the recyclable and non-recyclables are mixed. They come with two compartments, one for wet waste and another for plastics and paper.

  • Mini-Pack Self-Contained Compactors:
    Ideal for facilities, fast food locations, manufacturing, restaurants, casinos, grocery stores, amusement parks, hotels, resorts, schools, colleges, hospitals, medical and healthcare facilities among others.

    These are ideal if you need to dispose of or store wet waste and your space is confined. They are not hauled but tipped on site.

  • Shredder Compactor Combos:
    Ideal for businesses that require the shredding of materials.

    This compactor has a shredder and conveyors to feed it and another conveyor and hopper that takes the material that has been shredded to the compactor. Excellent if there are sensitive documents to be shredded on a regular basis.
    High Rise Compactors for Chute Systems: Ideal for apartment buildings, offices, condos and other hi-rise applications.

    You can either get the high-capacity or standard-capacity unit. It is fed using a chute system and compacts trash at a ratio of 10:1.

  • Smart-Packs (Automatic Compacting Receptacle):
    Ideal for public areas, fast food locations, casinos, food courts, amusement parks and airports among others.
    These industrial trash compactors can hold as much as three hundred gallons of trash. They reduce labor and hauling charges because they automatically compact the trash depending on the traffic.
  • Specialty Compactors such as this Lamp Crusher:
    Ideal for special situations.

    They are used to crash u-shaped and fluorescent bulbs. They neutralize any mercury vapor that may be released when the lamp is being crushed.

  • Marine Use Compactors:
    Ideal for marinas, ships and boats.

    These have the same features as a portable stainless steel commercial compactor but also have an added feature suited for marine use. They can hold as much as three hundred to six hundred gallons of trash.

If you are interested in purchasing a trash compactor for your business, contact Compactor Management Company for one that is most suitable for your personal needs.