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How Does Recycling Save Energy?

How does recycling save energy? When you recycle any material, it means that you don’t have to make it from scratch. It is quite labor intensive and requires a lot of energy to extract, refine and transport the resources that are used to produce materials such as plastic, aluminum, paper or glass. Producing anything from recycled materials will require significantly lesser energy as compared to making it from fresh, raw materials. Recycling will also prevent the discarded materials from accumulating in landfills and also help in conserving the planet’s natural resources.

Let us look at how recycling various materials helps in saving energy.

How Does Baling Recyclables Contribute to Energy Savings

You can collect and bale plastic, aluminum and paper, and transport it to recycling centers. Vertical balers can compact the recyclables into dense bales and they make it inexpensive to store and transport the recyclables. Thus, balers help in contributing to the energy savings significantly.

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