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industrial shredder

An industrial shredder is an equipment or machine that is used for shredding and reducing the size of any given material. Paper shredders are recognized more easily since they are quite common in most organizations, but shredders can be of numerous types based on the materials they can process.

Some shredders are designed to support material reduction across a range of recycling applications, which include recycling of plastic, scrap metal, e-waste, tire, and wood. The process of shredding produces raw material which can be re-introduced into manufacturing. It may also produce finished products like landscape mulch. An industrial shredder is also known as chipper, grinder or granulator, but its main function is to reduce the size of a given material.

How Does Industrial Shredder Work

Most industrial shredders can boast of having high power and being heavy duty to help you deal with different varieties of waste by reducing their volume. You can find industrial shredders in different forms, such as single industrial shredder, double industrial shredder and quad shaft industrial shredder. They come with special features, some of which include:

  • Vast range of productivity at the low continuance
  • Ability to handle any kind of waste in an effective way, regardless of whether it is plastic, electronic waste, scrap or wastage metal
  • They work with electric power as well as hydraulic drive

The four shaft shredder or quad shaft industrial shredders are manufactured with horsepower so as to provide weighty industrial services in shredding. Most industrial shredders are built to offer major services to help the scrap management system.

Benefits of Industrial Shredder

  • Size reduction of waste materials of different types
  • Help in recycling solid waste
  • Aid in waste water management
  • Safeguards the privacy of the company by destroying documents and media like hard drives and other electronic related items.
  • Ability to cut both straight and mesh patterns. Its considerable motor strength and cutting technology help in cutting through a considerable thickness of cardboard.

How Does an Industrial Shredder Help with Waste Management

An industrial shredder plays an important role in waste management. Some benefits of using mega-shredders in large-scale waste disposal systems and recycling centers are concerned with the reduction of waste material. You can quickly condense various materials like asphalt, rubber, wood, plastics and similar material to a mere fraction of their original size.

Moreover, you can decompose biodegradable waste faster when you shred it. If properly shredded, the materials that are buried in landfills will take much less space.

How to Choose an Industrial Shredder

There are four factors you need to consider before choosing an industrial shredder:

  1. Composition of items to be recycled – Check the assortment of materials to be recycled and how can each be shredded
  2. Volume of throughput – The total volume of material that needs shredding
  3. Requirements of buyers – The requirements need to be considered in parameters like the particle size
  4. Type of Cut Required – Determine if strip cutters would be a better option or a grinder based on the cuts you need.

Choose the right industrial shredder based on your requirements. Contact us if you need any help in making a decision about the same.