Recycling facts

Nature has its own intrinsic system of keeping the earth clean, yet our pristine earth is getting dirtier day by day. This is because the amount of waste that we generate in our daily activities far exceeds nature’s capacity to clean it. It is in our own interests to create ways to keep the environment as clean as possible. There is a growing realization that our lifestyle of use and throw has to be modified and the three words reduce, reuse, recycle have to become a part of our daily routine.

However, different types of materials have different decomposition duration’s and some may not degenerate at all. Therefore, recycling has to incorporate these differences for the items to be recycled effectively and brought into use again. Materials like aluminum, glass bottles, plastic never degenerate on their own. But organic materials like food, paper, leaves, can be turned into compost that can be reused as manure for plants.

Here Are Some Recycling Facts That We Rarely Think Of:

recycle glass aluminiumRecycling Facts Of Aluminum, Glass and Plastic

The amazing fact about aluminum cans is that it will not decompose even 500 years hence. Similarly a glass bottle will not degenerate even 4000 years from now.

Glass needs to be sorted according to color and then recycled while aluminum can be recycled over and over again without affecting the quality. However, plastic once used will not be of the same quality when recycled.

Though we consider incinerating a good method for destroying plastic, the fact is that we would save double the amount of energy in recycling plastic than we spend on incineration. Similarly, if you recycle one glass bottle the savings made in terms of energy would light up a CFL for at least 20 hours. The amount of energy saved by one recycled aluminum can means that you can use a TV for 3 hours.

paper recyclingRecycling Facts Of Paper and Wood

Recycling paper and wood has limitations as the recycled paper cannot be of the same quality as before. Still paper can be reused as cardboard and wood can be used to create wooden boards. One can save approximately 75,000 trees by recycling one edition of the Sunday newspaper.

A rough estimate is that the amount of paper and wood that gets thrown annually without being recycled can be used for heating 50 million homes for the next 20 years.



recycle packaging material

Recycling Facts Of Packaging Material

Attractive packaging is an essential part of marketing, but few realize that out of the total cost of the item purchased, 10 % of the cost is that of packaging. It is a major chunk of garbage that comes from homes. Simple things like Hershey’s kisses are wrapped in aluminum, which is recyclable, but we never stop to think of it.

Recycling Facts Of Motor Oil

We rarely spare a thought to the motor oil that we get changed from time to time. However, even one quart motor oil has the capacity to pollute 2 million gallons of water rendering it unfit for use. It isn’t as if motor oil cannot be reused. All it needs is to be refined to be put to use again.

The general average waste that is thrown out by each individual exceeds 4 pounds every day. If we make the effort to reduce, reuse, recycle whatever we consume, we would be living in a much cleaner and healthier environment. Make use of advanced recycling equipment such as compactors, balers and shredders in your workplace and make your world a greener place.