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Recycling Facts We Don’t Stop to Consider

Recycling facts

Nature has its own intrinsic system of keeping the earth clean, yet our pristine earth is getting dirtier day by day. This is because the amount of waste that we generate in our daily activities far exceeds nature’s capacity to clean it. It is in our own interests to create ways to keep the environment as clean as possible. There is a growing realization that our lifestyle of use and throw has to be modified and the three words reduce, reuse, recycle have to become a part of our daily routine.

However, different types of materials have different decomposition duration’s and some may not degenerate at all. Therefore, recycling has to incorporate these differences for the items to be recycled effectively and brought into use again. Materials like aluminum, glass bottles, plastic never degenerate on their own. But organic materials like food, paper, leaves, can be turned into compost that can be reused as manure for plants.

Here Are Some Recycling Facts That We Rarely Think Of:

Recycling Facts Of Aluminum, Glass and Plastic

Recycling Facts Of Paper and Wood



Recycling Facts Of Packaging Material

Recycling Facts Of Motor Oil


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