Three r’s of recyclin has changed over the decade and it will help you save the enrivonment. Have you ever dream’t of becoming a key player in making your society a healthier and safer place to live in? Ever since I became more conscious about the world around me, I was keen to understand the importance of a healthy environment and the significant role it played in our lives. I started reading more about waste management and decided to spread more awareness about it.

Although, in the recent years, many consumer product companies are marketing their products as environmentally friendly, there is nothing better than buying green. Moreover, the old dictum – reduce, reuse and recycle, is a principle worth reviving.


The first step towards the effective waste management is to consume only a limited number of resources, which are essential. In the current scenario, I believe this is the most challenging task as it involves getting rid of some of the very common American notions like new trumps or old, the bigger the better, etc. To start with, you do not need to cut down at once, but can slowly change your perception of looking at things. For instance, being tech savvy, the first step I took was to cut on my expenditure on expensive gadgets and look out for more durable and long-lasting options. Some of the benefits of reducing are as follows:

  • Helps in saving energy and money
  • Helps in utilizing a product to its fullest extent
  • Helps in saving natural resources
  • Helps in reducing pollution caused by harvesting of new raw materials.

Therefore, you can wisely choose what rubbish you throw away and help in reducing lot of waste in and around your home, school or work.


Reusing your old things for a little longer can play a major role in reducing lot of waste in your surroundings. So, the next time you dispose or recycle anything, give a second thought as whether it still has any life left in it. For instance, a used envelope always becomes a notepad for my shopping list, and I prefer sharing various items like DVDs, magazines, etc. with others. Here are the major advantages of employing this policy in our daily lives:

  • Helps in the reduction of gas emissions, which is majorly contributing to the global climate change
  • Helps in sustaining the beautiful surroundings and environment for our future generations
  • Helps in reducing waste that needs to be recycled or sent to incinerators and landfills.


Recycling is one of those R’s that has caught the maximum attention of all age groups. It is mainly due to the number of recycling programs, which are run by the government and the municipalities. The process of waste recycling usually involves collecting and processing those materials, which would otherwise be discarded as trash, and turning them into new products. This process is and will always be of great benefit to your surroundings and environment in the following ways:

  • Helps in the conservation of natural resources like water, minerals, timber, etc.
  • Helps in the prevention of pollution
  • Helps in the creation of new jobs in the manufacturing and recycling industries in the States.

So, by practicing these three R’s of waste management in your daily life, you can not only create a clean environment for yourself, but also for everyone around you.