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Whether it is a corporate giant or a medium-sized enterprise, commercial facilities produce a large amount of waste on a daily basis. This requires proper waste management with trash compactors, balers or other recycling equipment, and not just because it’s required by law in most areas.

Companies can enjoy a host of advantages by employing efficient recycling and disposal practices. Though most of them are just interested in dumping the waste generated during daily business activities, proper waste disposal is not only environmentally friendly but also helps save money in the long run.

Waste Management System

A waste management system is the process through which a household or company disposes of its waste material. It might seem minor, but the effective working of a waste management system is crucial to the smooth working of any enterprise. It helps keep the premises clean, improves safety and much more!

For this reason, getting trash compactors installed at your workplace is a smart choice. It makes sure that a proper route is provided for the waste to be disposed. Moreover, it also ensures that the trash does not harm the environment by releasing toxic wastes.

Selecting the ideal trash compactor for a company depends on the requirements and the type of waste that requires compacting:

  • Vertical compactors and thru-the-wall compactors are more or less the same with slight differences, being close to attached to a chute through which all trash enters it.
  • Hopper compactors are ideal where the waste is fed from a higher platform.
  • For liquid waste, self-contained compactors are ideal as they seal all wet waste inside.
  • For dry waste, stationary compactors are best as they can conveniently be hauled away by detaching the container every time it is full.

Uses and Benefits of Installing Trash Compactors
Pre Crushers compactor

Trash compactors may sound like just an added liability or unnecessary investment, especially if you’re on a limited budget. However, with government laws becoming stricter with regards to waste disposal and the growing threat of global warming, compactors are an excellent accessory to add to a big set up.

Here are some of the main benefits of using commercial trash compactors:

  • Improved Sanitation – The larger the company, the more waste it produces, and where there is loose waste, there might be infestations, lack of hygiene and bad odors. In such a situation, a trash compactor will help limit the spread of garbage by compressing it all, and if it comes with poly bags then it will even seal that waste up.
  • Economic Gains – Installing a compactor offers multiple financial benefits too. Since the compactor works to compress waste, the compacted trash takes up less space, which means more of it can be carried away each time. This reduces waste disposal costs because of the lower frequency of pick-up services, as well as the cost of storage and transportation.
  • User-Friendly Equipment – Trash compactors are some of the easiest machines to use. In larger companies where there is a lot of waste generated, the compactor can be directly attached to the waste disposal system. This way everything is done automatically without any manual effort.
  • Neat and Clean Premises – Under normal circumstances, company waste can be spread untidily over a large area, spreading pollution and making the space look unappealing. However, with a compactor, it is compressed neatly and can be easily stored until it’s transported for recycling.
  • Versatility and Compatibility – Compactors come in all sizes and styles, and hence, even if the space is small, there will be one that fits it perfectly. However, remember that the capacity of small compactors may be affected by their size, so take that into account.
  • Deodorizers – Trash compactors often come with deodorizers that help avert the unpleasant smell otherwise caused by trash lying around in open bins or heaps.

If you want to update your company’s waste management system, Compactor Management Company is at your service. Get expert advice on the best ways to overcome waste management problems, explore different types of compactors for commercial use and sit back as the professionals take care of everything from installation to maintenance!