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tire shredder

The huge amount of solid waste generated from tires is a major concern. Used tires have a severe negative impact on the environment in terms of air, water, and soil pollution. But did you know that your business can curb this negative impact and generate profit through tire recycling?

This post will help you understand how waste tires impact environment and the various ways in which recycled tire or tire shreds can be used. Let’s take a look:

How Waste Tires Impact Environment?

Let’s take a look at how waste tires impact the environment.

  • Leaching – Old tires contain heavy metals and chemicals which leach into the environment as these tires disintegrate. This is called leaching. A few of these chemicals have been recognized to be mutagenic and carcinogenic in nature. Another threat which leaching poses is soil contamination. The soil around such old tires can easily be contaminated with the harmful chemicals released into the environment. Even groundwater is at a risk of becoming contaminated. Also, if these toxins contaminate any water in the soil, the poisoned water can further come into contact with animals and humans and endanger their lives as well.
  • Landfill Overcrowding – Our landfills are already overcrowded. Scrap tires make up a major chunk of waste in these landfills. Numerous states around the country are struggling with this problem. Many have already banned the disposal of all types of tires, whole or shredded in the landfills. So besides environmental and health reasons, you may now have legal reasons for tire recycling as well.
  • Fire Risk – One of the main concerns in the case of discarded tires is an increased fire risk. Nearly half of the recycled scrap tires are used in fuel generation. However, fires which are fueled by tires may be more difficult to deal with and extinguish.
  • Pest Threat – Scrap tires also pose a pest threat. Water may get accumulated in these tires and they can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests. This in turn can increase the risk of vector-borne diseases such as encephalitis. Even rodents can inhabit such used tires. Thus, to eliminate potential health hazards, it’s best to recycle used tires.

In What Ways Can Tire Shreds Be Used? 

Tire shredders are recycling equipment which can help you get rid of used tires in an environment-friendly way. The tire chips or tire shreds can be used innovatively in the following ways:

  • Recycled tires can be used as rubber mulch in gardens. It offers multiple benefits. For instance – it does not float away in rainstorms, does not rot like the regular mulch made from wood and retains its appearance over time. You won’t have to deal with problems of termites and other wood-boring pests either.
  • Almost anywhere where gravel is used, there are chances that you can use shredded tire instead of gravel there. These include aggregate for drainage ditches, highway embankment backfill and sub-layers for roadways. Using tire chips as a substitute for gravel offers a lot of advantages. For instance, when used under roads in cold climates, tire chips can limit frost penetration. To reduce noise mitigation and vibration from passing trains, tire shreds are spread under light rail tracks running adjacent to businesses and homes.
  • Tire shreds can also be used a liner as well as a cover for landfills. It can be used as a thermal insulator to reduce temperatures between primary and secondary landfill liners. They can also be used as a cost-effective and efficient landscaping medium for landfills.
  • Crumb rubber or finely ground rubber produced from waste tires can be used in playground flooring, anti-fatigue mats, vehicle mud guards and as rubberized asphalt.
  • Tire derived fuels are also in great demand today. Scrap tires can be used in steel mills as a carbon source by replacing the coal or coke during manufacturing.
  • Other uses of shredded tires include – barriers for the purpose of collision reduction, controlling erosion and rainwater runoff and to protect marshland from wave action.

Given the diverse uses of tire shreds, tire shredding business is seen as a lucrative option today.

Get in touch with us at Compactor Management Company, today to understand more about how investing in the right type of recycling equipment. A perfect tire shredder will not only help you reduce the environmental impact of your business, but also help you generate profits from the waste tires.