Compactors are machines that reduce the physical size of a given material through compaction. Trash compactors are designed to compress and compact trash into small and dense packages that are easier to handle, store, transport and recycle. They are normally very sturdy machines that are powered by hydraulics, and come in different forms and sizes to suit different environments, types of waste and modes of operation.

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Small and big businesses alike are continuously finding trash compactors to be invaluable additions to their asset bases owing to their positive impact on overall bottom lines. They not only provide an easier and more cost-effective way to handle huge volumes of waste, but also help in promoting recycling and hence a greener world.

Here are a couple of reasons why, as a business owner, you should neither underestimate nor undermine the importance of a trash compactor to your business:

  • A Trash Compactor Cuts Down on Hauling Costs
    Compacted trash takes up a fraction of the space that it would otherwise occupy when uncompressed. This not only cuts down on storage space requirements, but also means that more of the trash will fit a single truck load and hence much fewer trips to the recycling or disposal point. You actually save money on this.
  • It is very Easy to Use or Operate
    Trash compactors utilize powered mechanical processes and only require the touch of a button from the operator to complete the job, turning all that trash into nice little packages. What’s more, an industrial trash compactor requires very little maintenance, and therefore hardly becomes a liability.
  • It will Significantly Improve Sanitation at your Premises
    Compacting trash physically reduces its size and that promotes its handling and storage in a cleaner way. Moreover, loose trash is more open to pests and insects which come with a whole new meaning to unsanitary. You will appreciate how much cleaner your trash area is going to be now that the trash is being confined unto itself.
  • You will get Points for having a ‘Green’ Business Process
    Whether it’s from the authorities advocating for eco-friendly business practices,your clients and customers who appreciate environment conscious businesspeople or just your own views towards a better world; the fact that your business is actively participating in recycling and better waste management will prove worthwhile.

Here are the factors to consider when making a selection for a suitable industrial trash compactor for your business:

  • The Size of your Waste Output
    This is actually the first thing that should be considered before a particular industrial trash compactor is considered. The volume of waste that’s being generated will not only determine the size of compactor that is required, but also whether it is actually necessary to have one. Trash compactors run on power, and therefore there is going to be a need to balance the capability of the machine with the quantity of trash involved.
  • The Kind of Waste being Produced
    Depending on the kind of business or industry that you are in, your waste will either be wet or dry. This is the next factor that’s going to determine the kind of trash compactor that will best suit your needs. If you are in the education, hospital or hospitality industry, the self-contained compactor will make a better selection since it handles both solid and liquid waste. The stationary compactors handle dry waste like cardboard, plastic and metal cans more effectively.
  • The Available Space for the Equipment
    The amount of space that is available for the equipment will also dictate the model and size of the compactor to be procured. There are two basic models of the commercial trash compactor; the vertical and the horizontal compactor. Vertical compactors take up less floor space and would thus suit businesses where space is a concern.
  • The Available Resources/Funds for the Compactor
    Even with all the other considerations, available funds will ultimately determine the type of trash compactor to be acquired. Expenditure for any kind of business is usually a sensitive matter that normally calls for a lot of considerations. With that in mind, it will probably be a good thing to have a clear picture of what you will gain by having an industrial trash compactor and how much savings it is going to bring to your business. Those savings should ideally count as part of your available resources.