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Waste Management: An Effort by Well Known Corporations

Waste Management

The growing concern over waste accumulation has propelled many world leaders and famous organizations to take huge initiatives in the different waste management programs. Major work has been done by different corporations who have realized the importance of waste management programs.

Why should famous corporations join the waste management race?

It has been asked several times as to why big and famous companies need to join the race of waste management. Well, there are many reasons behind it. Some of them are:

Famous Companies Involved in Waste Management

There are many companies, which have initiated different waste management procedures. Some have even put waste management as a major policy in their objectives. There are two companies, which have taken waste management to a different level with their various types of programs and initiatives.

Waste Management at Intel

Intel Corporation has always been known for its innovative and quality oriented products. Therefore, its name has always been associated with different types of programs that have been beneficial for people across the world.

Its waste management program has been a comprehensive effort to reduce gaseous emissions and optimize the use of water in its products. Striving ahead in this field, Intel has made the following achievements:

Despite doing all this, Intel has been missing different targets in water usage and chemical waste production. According to its reports, Intel has increased its water usage on the per chip level. With different energy efficient products being introduced in the market by this corporation, Intel still needs to initiate different waste management programs to achieve all its goals.

Waste Management at Coca Cola

Coca Cola has a huge reputation in the market for its flavored beverages. Apart from this, it is also known for its different waste management programs. Some of the initiatives taken by Coke are as follows:

With the above efforts by these big corporations, it is quite evident that waste management can be achieved without any hassle.

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