7 Creative Ways to Recycle Plastic Bottles

Vertical Bottle Garden

For a vertical garden, upcycle plastic bottles into hanging planters. Fill the bottle with dirt and plants after removing the bottom and adding drainage holes. To make a lovely green area, hang them on a wall or fence.

Bottle Bird Feeder

Make bird feeders out of plastic bottles. Make holes near the bottom allowing birds to get the food and holes at the top to securely hang it. Fill the bottle with birdseed and sit back and enjoy the feathery guests.

Cloud Banner

Using plastic bottles, make self-watering plants. Invert the top half of the bottle into the bottom half to create a reservoir for water. Plant your favorite herbs or flowers on the top part of the container.

Bottle Self-Watering Planter

Pencil or Pen Bottle Holder

Decorate a plastic bottle to make a desk organizer. Remove the top and cover it with colorful materials such as paper or cloth. Inside, you may keep pens, pencils, and even paintbrushes.

Bottle Bracelets

Repurpose plastic bottles to create one-of-a-kind items. Make bracelets or bangles out of the bottle by cutting it into thin pieces. To add a personal touch, paint or decorate them with beads and glitter.

Chandelier or Hanging Light

Using plastic bottles, make an eye-catching chandelier or hanging light fixture. Cut the bottoms of the bottles, paint them in various colors, and connect them to a light source. Hang the light fixture in a room or outside.

Plastic Bottle Piggy Bank:

To promote saving money, make a piggy bank out of a plastic bottle. Make a tiny slot on the bottle's side to enter coins or cash. Using paint or paper, decorate it and mark it "Savings" or "Adventure Fund."

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