Recycling For Money

How to Make Money from Recycling?

Trash For Cash

Best Items To Recycle For Money

Before we get into which recyclable materials make the most money, it's important to recognize that not all of the materials are recyclable.  Most of the time, determining what to recycle and what not to recycle is difficult, thus determining what can be recycled for money and what goes in the garbage is not always simple.

Aluminum Cans


Crushing aluminum cans for profit frees up a lot of space for storing even more cans. Then simply take them to your local recycling or scrap metal center to get compensated.

Paper or Stationary


The used stationary, can bring some extra cash for your business operations. It is common to make money from recycling paper because they have so many of them.

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If you have many cardboard boxes in your store, you can either reuse them for packing or recycle them. Reusing saves money on new packaging material, and recycling cardboard generates good money.

Plastic Bottles


It is common to make money from recycling plastic, including bottles. Considering the kind of natural resources being exhausted to manufacture plastic and the pollution it generates, it becomes everyone’s duty to recycle plastic.

Glass Bottles


You also find glass bottles and other stuff made of glass that you no more use and can recycle. Again, the state you operate will decide how much money you can make from recycling glass.

Scrap Metal


Popular scrap metals include brass and aluminum. But there is other scrap metal as well, such as iron and steel, which doesn’t make you much money, but you should invest some efforts in recycling them for the sake of the environment.



Making money from recycling E-Waste is the easiest thing to do. It’s all around you in the form of cellphones, laptops and tablets. Since you don’t get much value for secondhand electronics, recycling them for the environment is wise.

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