Recycling at  Home

How to Recycle at Home?

Find Recyclable Material

Find out what you can recycle at home - what you can put in your household trash cans. 

Check For Recycling Bin

9 out of 10 of us have household recycling collections, so if you don't already have a bin, box, or bag then it's worth contacting your local authority to check.

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Check with your municipality on the day when they will pick up your recycling material. Your recycling material can be collected weekly or monthly. 

Trash Collection Day

Find a place to store your recycling

Now that you know what items you can recycle, find a convenient place to store them before throwing them in the trash.  

Make sure everyone in your house knows

Encourage family and roommates to check if items can be reused or recycled before throwing them in the trash. 

10 Things You Can Recycle or Repurpose Around Your Home

– Paper, cards, junk mail, magazines, newspaper – Brown paper bags, shoe boxes – All paper products  – Shredded paper – Egg cartons – Cardboard boxes – Aluminum cans / steel cans – Plastic & glass bottles – Plastic & glass jars  – Yogurt containers – Aerosol cans – Clean foil

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