Upcycling Clothes

Upcycled Clothing Ideas

Reupholster a Chair with Colorful Denim

Reupholster a chair and give it a bright and fun new ‘seat.’ This is really easy to do, with a pair of upcycled denim pants!

Turn it into a scrunchie

It could be as simple as cutting the fabric of an old t-shirt to use as a headband or sewing a piece of fabric to make a scrunchie (without an elastic band). 

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Handbag from a Cloth

See how to make this awesome handbag using an old sweater and long sleeve shirt. It is an easy sewing project!

Zip Bags from Old Ties

Make these DIY necktie zip pouches from old ties. They make great handmade gifts for men, husbands, or anyone else that might like a masculine silk print.

Transform it into gift wrap

Instead of spending money on single-use paper, “wrap” gifts with fabric wrapping techniques. “Fold the fabric over the gift, bring the edges of the fabric together and pull it up. Tie a knot in the fabric tails. So easy! ” 

Turn it into a tote

Stop buying single-use plastic bags (or even paper bags) at the grocery store and make your own eco-friendly bags instead. You can use them as product bags, grocery bags, shoe bags, shopping bags and anywhere you use a traditional cotton bag. 

Headbands from T-Shirts

Simple, elegant and sustainable. This adorable DIY headband has it all! Grab an old t-shirt and start recycling with this infallible handmade fashion craft. 

Table Runner from Jeans

A great way to add color, texture and interest to your dining room or kitchen table is with a rug. Make a recycled denim table runner for the dining table. The rug is ideal against the dark wood of the table and protects it from spills and candle wax. 

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