Waste Disposal Methods


Recycling creates a new kind of useful product out of garbage. Metals like aluminum, glass, paper, and plastic are frequently recycled materials.

A trash disposal technique called incineration that burns rubbish to create its basic elements. The by-products of this process are gases and ash.



Composting is a waste disposal method that decomposes organic waste by allowing it to sit in a pit for an extended length of time.

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Sanitary Landfill

This trash disposal method entails depositing waste in a landfill. Landfills have protective lining surrounding them, which serves as a wall between the dump and the groundwater, which prevents contaminants from seeping into the water.

Plasma Gasification

Plasma gasification is an eco-friendly waste disposal method. It is used to generate electricity from commodity recyclables collected from municipal solid trash in landfills.

Importance of Waste Disposal

The advantages that the process of waste management serves: 1. Better Environment 2. Reduced Pollution. 3. Energy Conservation 4. Increases Employment Opportunities 5. Helps Create a Change

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