Trash Compactor A running a successful business is not all about making a profit. Apart from ensuring profitability and longevity of the business concern, each business is also responsible towards the community it operates in. Businesses should think about ways to give back to the environment it operates in and a great way to do so is by monitoring their overall waste. One of the best ways to do so is by using a commercial trash compactor.

Trash compactors are quickly becoming popular because they allow you to optimize your waste management program effectively processing your industrial waste. They are extremely efficient and highly functional as they can be placed conveniently near utility rooms, kitchens, or any other location. Above all, they help businesses manage their waste in a more effective manner.

Benefits of Using Trash Compactors

One of the most obvious advantages of using a trash compactor is the ability to streamline your waste management. If your business generates a ton waste during the day, the last thing you need is employees making frequent trips to the dumpster to discard the waste. Instead, you can use a compactor to compact the waste. This will help to cut down the number of trips to the dumpster and also allow you to organize your waste management.  Take a look at some of the ways in which including a trash compactor in your waste management program will be beneficial to your organization:

  • Reducing Your Carbon Footprint
    Installing a compactor at your premises will help reduce the number of trips that a haulage vehicle makes to remove the loose waste and at the same time, reduce emissions. Furthermore, many consumers have become aware of reducing carbon footprints and they tend to favor businesses that are green. This will most definitely translate to more business and higher revenues.
  • Reduce Maintenance and Cleaning
    While removing loose trash and garbage debris get left behind. Also, when loose waste is discarded into a dumpster, they fill up very quickly and create a mess. This mess attracts pests, such as roaches and rats. With compactors, your staff’s cleaning and maintenance work will be reduced.
  • Better Landfill Utilization
    When compactors are used, the size of the waste is reduced by up to 15 times the original amount. This helps tremendously in prolonging the life of the landfill. Apart from helping you to save money with an organized waste management system, a compactor slowly helps you save the Earth.

Why Should You Consider Investing in a Commercial Trash Compactor?

By using trash compactors, your garbage is managed efficiently, you will end up saving money, which is what any for-profit business wants to achieve in today’s economic scenario. Trash compactors also contribute to the internal economies of scale, here’s how:

  • Prevent Unauthorized Access to Waste
    There may be instances where unauthorized personnel may fill your dumpster with their trash. Trash compactors prevent such instances as they cannot be accessed easily by those who are not authorized.
  • Reduce Employee Pilferage
    When you have trash compactors inside the company, it will reduce the need for employees to go outside the building unsupervised. This helps in minimizing the risks of employee pilferage.
  • Minimize Foul Odors from Trash
    Some waste may emit foul or unpleasant odors. Trash compactors help in minimizing such foul odor as some are air-tight and liquid-tight. In fact, some even have air sanitizers which reduce the emitted odors.
  • Tackle Vermin and Insect Problems with Ease
    Using air-tight trash compactors will help in keeping insects and vermin from inhabiting within your trash. Once they invade your trash, it will lead up to significant problems that may become difficult to handle later on.
  • Reduce Litter caused by Loose Trash
    An open dumpster with loose trash invites insects as well as gathering dust. Trash compactors ensure that the wind doesn’t blow the loose debris and litter your surroundings by keeping the trash in one place.
  • Reduce Fire Hazards
    Loose trash and debris pose as a matter of safety by being at risk of catching fire by accident or further aid fire. A trash compactor will reduce such risks by stopping overflow of trash, thus reducing fire hazards.
  • Enhance Office Aesthetics
    Trash compactors will enable you to reduce the trash in sight and enhance the overall appearance and hygiene of your company.
  • Save Space
    Installing a commercial trash compactor definitely helps in saving a lot of space in both interior and exterior.
  • Efficient and Easy Handling of Liquid Waste
    Commercial trash compactors have liquid-tight enclosures which enable you to compact and dispose wet waste as efficiency and sanitarily as dry waste.
  • Reduce Labor Costs
    Employees waste a lot of time on taking out the trash or to manage the overflowing trash cans. Trash compactors help in reducing such labor costs and increase employee efficiency.
  • Save Money
    When you have a trash compactor within your facility, you need not have trash haulers come regularly to pick up your trash. This helps in saving money on your waste management expenses.

As you can see, using compactors, your business will save valuable man-hours, which will translate to more productivity and more revenue. And, when your garbage is managed efficiently, you will end up saving money, which is what any for-profit business wants to achieve in today’s economic scenario!