Governments all over the world are keen on enforcing laws that protect the environment. One of the ways to achieving this is through efficient waste management. It is not surprising that recycling, sustainability and efficient management of waste have become hot topics in the commercial sector. There is a lot of pressure on commercial enterprises to meet stringent recycling targets set by the EU that include guidelines like Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology (BREEAM) and ISO14001 as well as escalating landfill taxes.

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Simply put, waste management and recycling are undeniable priorities of businesses in the UK with baler machines being a leading innovation in waste management that every business should consider having.

Why Balers are a Must for every Business

Baling machines are recycling equipment that let businesses sort waste streams they generate at source, store it, compact and eventually bundle it accordingly. These machines may be hired, purchased or leased hence can suit any budget. Different balers tackle different materials. For example, while some are designed to tackle plastics, others can only tackle wood or aluminum. Moreover, these machines come in different designs that you can choose based on your needs. Generally, your choice should be determined by several factors like the size, volume as well as ease of use. Balers usually pay for themselves in that you are able to make savings on waste transport costs while earning from recycling companies that pay for uncontaminated recyclates.

How Balers Work

The working of the baler machine is such that waste is placed in the in-feed opening where it will be led to an accumulation chamber. Once the chamber is full, the machine is switched on effectively letting the pressing plate crush the material. Once this is done, a small bundle referred to as a bale is formed. The bale is then bound using plastic banding or wire for convenient handling when disposing.

How Do Balers Help with Waste Management?

Doing this becomes extremely easy once companies have the right machinery in place, which is why industrial and commercial balers have become an important part of waste management for many businesses.

Not only do balers reduce the manual labor needed to get rid of and properly store waste, they also end the inconvenience of properly storing recyclables like plastic bottles, paper, cans and cardboard boxes.

Waste Streams that Balers Tackle

As mentioned above, different balers are designed to tackle specific waste. Among the types of waste that can be handled by balers are:

  • Barrels and drums
  • Foil and aluminium
  • Cardboard and paper
  • Fibrous materials
  • Plastic trays and containers
  • Plastic packaging
  • Plastic PET bottles
  • Shredder waste
  • General production waste

Although some balers can only handle a specialized type of waste, others can handle more than one.

Benefits of Balers to Businesses

Businesses that use balers for waste management enjoy multi-pronged benefits that include the following:

  1. Balers are cost effective because businesses are able to recover significant cash used in purchasing them as well as generate significant savings on landfill taxes and waste collection.
  2. Recycling firms pay a tidy sum for streams of waste that are separated to avoid cross contamination.
  3. With the regulations governing waste separation being stricter in order to prevent cross contamination, balers offer a perfect channel for adherence and eliminate the possibility of being fined.
  4. Research has shown that compacted bales are a lesser safety and health hazard because in the event that they catch fire, they will burn much slower compared to uncompacted waste.
  5. They save on space. With balers, waste is stored and compacted inside the machine thus eliminating the possibility of cluttering the workplace. Furthermore, some baler models have designs that take little space making them ideal for small spaces.
  6. Balers offer a reasonable return on investment and can be acquired flexible no matter your budget as you can buy either a brand new model or a refurbished model. Alternatively, you may also rent the baler at a discounted price.
  7. The public is drawn to companies that show responsibility towards the environment thus by compacting waste streams and limiting the amount of waste you send to the landfills will bring you more business.

In summary, balers are an asset to businesses because not only do they help businesses to comply with environmental laws, but also generate some revenue for businesses. It is worth noting that the amount of revenue generated by these machines is entirely dependent on volume of waste handled. Ultimately, balers are designed to offer perfect waste management solutions for small and large businesses alike. The beauty of these machines is that they not only crush waste but also sort it albeit with minimum fuss.