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Efficient management and storage is one of the most important things when it comes to waste processing and recycling. These days, the law has put a priority on the proper disposal and management of waste for companies, no matter what sector they are involved in or the size of the business.

There is no choice for a business when it comes to getting rid of, and properly disposing of, unwanted materials. They have the choice of recycling these or taking the proper steps to ensure that all the waste they throw out does not just end up in a landfill.


How Do Balers Help with Waste Management?

Doing this becomes extremely easy once companies have the right machinery in place, which is why industrial and commercial balers have become an important part of waste management for many businesses.

Not only do balers reduce the manual labor needed to get rid of and properly store waste, they also end the inconvenience of properly storing recyclables like plastic bottles, paper, cans and cardboard boxes.


Types of Balers

Depending on what exactly a company or business wishes to store, there are various types of balers available, both at an industrial and commercial level. Whether it is a small, compact one or something larger, each baler has the ability to match the individual needs of various companies.

Some of the common types include:

  • Cardboard Balers Most commonly, these are vertical balers, which are used in places like hotels, restaurants, manufacturing plants, supermarkets, recycling centers and other places where cardboard cartons are in high numbers. These are also perfect for processing rags, plastic bottles and many other materials.
  • Horizontal Balers These are mostly used for their capability to be fed through conveyor belts, loaders, air systems or by hand, which increases the amount of waste that can be recycled. They are mostly used in recycling plants because they are ideal for converting all sorts of materials into recyclable bales.
  • Automatic Tie Baler These balers are perfect for reducing manual labour and most commonly used in recycling plants. They are perfect for baling plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, shrink wrap and newspapers, which would otherwise be difficult to handle and store.

It’s important to note that there are some balers that can easily handle all sorts of waste materials but others that only deal with specific ones.


What Kind of Materials Can Be Baled?

Here are a list of things that balers can deal with very conveniently:

Plastic items
All sorts of fibers
Tin cans, aluminium and foil items
Wooden drums and barrels
Shredded waste
General waste

Benefits of a Baler for Businesses

Generally, balers are a simple and uncomplicated solution to waste management, and companies invest in them because of their many benefits. Some of the boosts they can offer a business are listed below:

  • Use of a baler creates a good impression of the company, since the public will deem it ‘environmentally safe’ and may choose it over others.
  • The investment of a baler will end up paying for itself because of the money it will save on waste management.
  • A baler will reduce the cost and time of manual labor involved in waste management and handling, as well as conserve space for storage.

Balers are basically the way forward for any business, no matter how big or small. Investing in one will help you create an eco-friendly image for potential business partners as well as the public, and improve your environmental impact too!