Sustainability Activities For Kids

Talking about sustainability with kids is incredibly important to do. However, it can be really tricky to know where to start. Here is a list of activities that will teach kids about sustainability


Bifurcation of Trash

Teach your kids to separate the trash based on recyclable and compostable waste. Label the bins accordingly and make it like a puzzle or game. 


Clear Trash From Neighborhood

Kids will realize the importance of clean surroundings by cleaning the garbage in the neighborhood. Tell them that whenever they see trash, they should pick them up and dump them in the bin.

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Tell Them the Story of 3 R’s

Tell your kids about the 3 R’s, i.e., “reduce reuse & recycle,” as a story or a song. If your kids know about 3Rs from an early age, they will definitely be an asset to our planet when they grow up.


Do Gardening With Your Kids

Kids realize collective existence through gardening. Indeed, they will enjoy playing with green plants, clay pots, and black soil. Make a small or big garden with your kids.


Engage in Recyclable Crafting

Create a piece of art with your kids from reusable materials or things that can be recycled, such as bottle caps, empty boxes, shopping bags, paper towel rolls, etc.


Ask Them to Save Water

Explain to your kids the importance of saving water. Educating them about water with the help of pictures and videos is one of the most effective sustainability activities for kids.


Preserve Rain Water

Kids are happiest when the rain starts. They often want to play in the rain. Give them the purpose of filling buckets and containers to collect rainwater. This water can later be used for household work and watering plants.


Recycle Paper

Ask kids to make their own paper with waste paper pulp. You can find the method of recycling paper. It will increase awareness about the importance of recycling among kids.


Go on a nature walk

Go for a walk in the garden or take a hike in the forest with your kids. Exploring nature is the best way to make your kids love the clean and green environment. 


Read books about sustainability

You will achieve 2 goals by gifting sustainability books to your kids. First, they will develop a reading habit. Secondly, they will learn about innovative ways to be eco-friendly.

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