Do you know that currently, over 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic are floating inside the ocean, and 8.75 million metric tons are added to this every year? A United Nations report states that people generate 80% of ocean pollution. We dump more than 8 million tons of plastic in oceans every year. Today, there are number of NGOs and organizations fighting to save the ocean from the harmful plastic pollution. Thus everyone should make collective efforts to save the ocean from plastic pollution.

According to The World Economic Forum, if we don’t take any preventive steps, there will be more tons of plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050.

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Check out these ocean conservation organizations and initiatives directed to free the ocean from plastic pollution.

11 Organizations Fighting to Save the Ocean from Plastic Pollution –

  1. Ocean Conservancy

    ocean conservancy logo - organizations fighting to save the oceanThis advocacy group was found in 1972 in Washington D.C. It works to protect the unique marine habitat by restricting fisheries and other human impacts on the ocean. It is one of the leading ocean clean-up organizations that educate the public, try for policy change, and run various ocean clean-up programs globally.

  2. The Story of Stuff

    the story of stuff logo - organizations fighting to save the oceanIt is an ecological initiative founded in 2007. It promotes ways to reduce plastic use and live more sustainably. They want to educate people and industries about methods to produce, use and dispose of things without damaging the environment. The Story of Stuff significantly uses online petition and informative videos to raise awareness regarding saving the ocean.

  3. The Environmental Defence Fund

    edf logo - organizations fighting to save the oceanIt is a U.S.-based organization. It’s not only an ocean conservation organization. It also works for reducing global warming and restoration of the ecosystem. It works closely with fisheries to save the fishes in the ocean. The Environment Defence Fund curbs overfishing by educating fisheries with sustainable fishing methods globally.

  4. Plastic Oceans

    plastic oceans logo - organizations fighting to save the oceanPlastic oceans are committed to reduce plastic from every water source, be it river, lakes, or sea. They’ve found a unique way of changing people’s mindsets. Their website showcases a panoply of shocking facts about plastic waste. You would defiantly hesitate to use a plastic bag or a plastic water bottle after going through it.

  5. Surfrider Foundation

    surfrider foundation logo - organizations fighting to save the oceanThis is an NGO that constantly works towards educating people on how to reduce plastic pollution. It also focuses on other factors related to ocean pollution, such as climate change, beach access, coastal ecosystem, and water quality. In addition, Surfrider Foundation works on beautifying the beaches with landscapes and ocean-friendly gardens.


  6. Take 3

    take3 logo - organizations fighting to save the oceanThis is a unique organization amongst various ocean clean-up organizations. Their name is their massage. They only have one request from everyone. Take 3 pieces of trash away from the beach or ocean every time you go there. Take 3 introduces initiatives like plastic-free July and plastic-free living guide.

  7. Parley

    parley logo - organizations fighting to save the oceanIt is a platform that brings thinkers, leaders, and creators together to save the ocean. They work on 3 main agendas – people to avoid plastic, shun the plastic waste around beaches, and redesign the products from plastic to more sustainable materials. They established partnerships with various like-minded organizations to fulfil their motive.

  8. Plastic Pollution Coalition

    It is a high-profile movement of 2009 to appeal to people to stop single-use plastic. Many known celebrities like Atwood, Bette Midler, Martin Sheen, and Richard Ford joined the movement. Plastic Pollution Coalition was regarded as a successful and compelling mission of ocean conservation.

  9. 5 Gyres

    5 Gyres logo - organizations fighting to save the ocean5 Gyres conducts 17 research trips across fifty thousand miles of ocean in a year. Its focus area is the adverse effect of plastic pollution on oceans globally. Along with the 5 Gyres foundation, its founders also founded the Plastic Pollution Coalition. They are also active members of Break Free From Plastic.

  10. The Ocean Cleanup

    ocean cleanup logo - organizations fighting to save the oceanA young environment enthusiast from the Netherlands, Boyan Slut founded the Ocean Cleanup in 2013.It is credited with the most extensive ocean clean-up ever. They also look forward to cleaning the rivers of the world. Their ecological aim is to reduce plastic from the lifestyle of people and eventually from the natural water sources.

  11. 1 Million Women

    It is one of the newest movements to save the ocean started in the year 2009. More than 95,0000 women are working to reduce plastic under the 1 Million Women Initiative. And they are increasing the network of women power to free the ocean from plastic pollution.


7 Ways to Reduce Plastic

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Are you thinking about how you can reduce plastic pollution as a responsible citizen? Here are the 7 ways to reduce plastic use in your daily life to save the ocean –

  1. Reduce plastic use, especially single-use plastic like plastic bottles, grocery bags, straws, disposable cutlery, etc. Replace them with other reusable options.
  2. You should always recycle the plastic that you used whenever possible. It will help to reduce new plastic pollution in the ocean.
  3. If the municipality in your community has banned single-use plastic, you should support them.
  4. Avoid buying products with polyethylene and polypropylene as ingredients. These are microbes that harm marine species.
  5. Support ocean clean-up organizations and initiatives in whatever small way you can. Remember, every effort and every contribution counts!
  6. Prefer buying second-hand items and make friends with thrift stores. You can get the same thing at less price. Additionally, it will reduce the plastic packaging of new products as well as consumption.
  7. Make more of your friends and family aware of how to reduce plastic pollution to save the ocean. You can watch informative documentaries like Garbage island together to make them understand better.

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Do your part with the organizations fighting to Save the Ocean!

The government, NGOs, corporate sector and citizens need to come together to reduce and recycle plastic to save the ocean. Let’s leave a beautiful planet for our future generations to flourish!