Sonozaire Odor Neutralizer

The Sonozaire odor neutralizer uses no chemicals and actually destroys odor molecules. Sonozaire circulates the ozone, permitting it to search out and destroy odors. The result is a clean-smelling area which does not harbor and protect bacteria.

Odor neutralizers


105A1,000-5,0000-413″X11″X7″Call for Pricing
115A2,500-15,0004-822″X20″X7.5″Call for Pricing
330A6,000-150,0008-3024″X27″X14″Call for Pricing
630A15,000–750,00030-5036″X27″X14″Call for Pricing

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    • Perfect for wet waste compactor applications like restaurants, apartments, hotels, hospitals and grocery stores.

Also Removes :

  • Tobacco, animal & food odors from cars & buses.
  • Smoke, mildew and mold odors from inside homes.
  • Paint, animal & cooking odors from rental property.
  • Ammonia, mercaptan and sewage (h2s) odors from plants.
  • Standard features include: (1) Sonozaire ready to plug into wall outlet, 10′ of flex hose and hose clamps.
  • Permanent connection to a compactor or other device can be easily made with 2″ pvc & common fittings found at most hardware stores.

Please contact our office to discuss your application so we can propose a system to suit your specific needs.We serve Fremont, Bay Area, San Jose, Oakland, and surrounding areas


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