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  • Overflowing Garbage Bins
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    Overflowing Garbage Bins: Serious Threats and Prevention Tips

Overflowing Garbage Bins: Serious Threats and Prevention Tips

The amount of waste we collectively produce is unbelievable. The US alone produces 250 million tons of waste a year. And honestly, we don’t need numbers to see that the problem of overflowing trash […]

Why Does Every Construction Site Need a Trash Chute?

If you have a construction business, you would know how much waste is generated each day. Carrying garbage by hand is time-consuming and unsafe, especially in high-rise constructions. A construction trash chute makes waste […]

Trash Chute and Trash Valet: Pros and Cons

In high-rise buildings, garbage disposal can be a challenge for residents. But with trash chutes and trash valet as options, trash management can be perfected. However, if you’re confused about which one to go […]

How to Manage and Reduce Waste in Commercial Buildings

It isn’t uncommon for architects to consider different ways to reduce waste while building a structure. However, they should also focus on designing techniques that would reduce the ongoing waste generated during the life […]

How to Make This Holiday Season Waste-Free

The numbers regarding the amount of waste generated every holiday season are shocking. Around 25% more trash is thrown away during the Thanksgiving to New Year’s holiday period, than during any other time of […]

What Lies Ahead for the Waste Management Industry?

The global waste management market has seen dramatic growth over the last few years. From being valued at $330.6 billion in 2017, it is expected to reach $530.0 billion by 2025. Right from converting […]

Tips to Keep Commercial Waste Odor under Control

Dumpsters have sure helped with effective waste disposal since its advent in the 1930’s. But the one thing they have not been able to eliminate is the terrible smell that garbage bags sustain.

For some […]

  • Social Media in Waste Management Business
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    5 Tips to Boost Your Waste Management Business with Social Media

5 Tips to Boost Your Waste Management Business with Social Media

Social media has dramatically altered the way people communicate in today’s day and age. It enables its users to instantly communicate with millions of people across the world. The corporate world cannot do without […]

5 Benefits of a Commercial Trash Compactor

In a tough economy, it pays to scrimp and save. Restaurant owners are constantly looking for ways to save money and increase profits. But one thing most restaurants forget is to cost-save with the […]

Safeguarding the Environment – Recycling and Its Impact

World Environment Day – the day when it’s not rare seeing pictures of people planting seeds on social media. But are we conscious of our everyday responsibilities towards the environment? Our needs are slowly […]