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Glass crushers crush empty glass containers up to 1 gallon in size down to 95% of their original size in an effort to decrease space. Feed single containers or dump entire boxes into these units’ hoppers.

Glass crushers

Glass Crusher Machine

Glass crushers are machines designed with the aim of pulverizing glass to aid in the recycling process. Waste glass comes from various sources, in the form of glass sheets, containers, jars and bottles, and can be recycled with the help of a glass crusher to avoid generating new glass, which in turn saves energy.

Glass crushers come in a range of sizes and can be used independently by bar, hotel and restaurant owners alike, or as a part of an integrated glass recycling system, comprising of crushers and material separation machines. Glass crushers have a mechanical safety system in place which avoids crushing of objects that are not glass. Brown or transparent crushed glass is used to make more glass, while other forms of crushed glass are used to form asphalt paving and blocks, or mixed into secondary concrete products.

There is approximately 12 million tons of glass generated as municipal waste every year, out of which roughly 3 million tons is recycled, leaving close to 9 million tons in landfills. The use of a glass crusher machine is a crucial part of the process for recycling this waste.

How A Glass Crusher Works

  • After being separated from other waste materials, various forms of glass are placed on a conveyor belt, which transports them to a platform where the glass is sorted manually by color.
  • Sorted shards are passed through a glass crusher with the help of a chute, where they are pulverized by an electric motor and various screens that break them into several dimensions of shards known as cullet.
  • Post pulverization, the shattered glass is safer to handle for further manageable recycling and exits the pulverizer through a discharge chute. To avail superior value crushed glass cullet installation, separate crushers may be used for different colored glass.
  • Further cleaning comprises of separating other material from the crushed glass, such as metals, plastic, paper and corks, by using a machine that makes the separation easy.
  • A Trommel screen plays an essential part in the pulverization process as it allows different-sized cullet to be discharged.

Uses of Crushed Glass

Crushed Glass Can Be Re-Used In Various Ways, Like:

  • Recycled Glass Products
    An on-site glass bottle crusher enhances safety during recycling, helps to save on valuable space and minimizes noise pollution. A glass crusher for sale, if acquired, guarantees a glass container from mere waste to a store shelf in a minimum of 30 days post recycling.
  • Environmental Friendly Fillers
    Crushed glass makes for a stable filler material in concrete projects; using glass instead of sand minimizes cost of the concrete projects while reducing strain in landfills and makes for strong construction sites. It can also be used for garden landscaping as glass mulch doesn’t absorb moisture like wood does, which helps to conserve water.
  • Nontoxic Abrasive
    Crushed glass can be used as an abrasive for either etching or cleaning a surface, and blasting paint or other material from tough surfaces.
  • Filter Media
    Due to its effective particle size, crushed glass can be used to filter water on a large scale.

  • Finished product can be crushed down as small as dust in some units!
  • Ideal for shopping centers, restaurants, large kitchens, schools, hotels and recycling centers.

MODEL GM-2(2) 7.5 HP MOTOR20,000 LBS./HOUR
MODEL GM-1(3) 7.5 HP MOTOR40,000 LBS./HOUR


Glass Crusher Machine Models – Literature & Specifications

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document-pdf-icon 24 pixel318document-pdf-icon 24 pixel250document-pdf-icon 24 pixel270
document-pdf-icon 24 pixel620document-pdf-icon 24 pixelH-100Vdocument-pdf-icon 24 pixelH-100VT
document-pdf-icon 24 pixelH-200document-pdf-icon 24 pixelGM-1document-pdf-icon 24 pixelGM-2
document-pdf-icon 24 pixelPortable

See the Prodeva 160 glass crusher in action

See the Prodeva 95-2 glass crusher in action







See the Prodeva 318 glass crusher in action

See the Prodeva 250 glass crusher in action