What Is a Baler Machine?

A baler is a piece of machinery which is used for compacting and baling the solid industrial waste and recycling materials. Baler make sorting and storing your waste easier than ever.A baler is a piece of machinery which is used for compacting and baling the solid industrial waste and recycling materials. Baler make sorting and storing your waste easier than ever.

Why Use Baler Machine?

Trash balers help in reducing the amount of space needed for storing dry and recyclable waste. This makes them a perfect option for urban industries, manufacturing sites or business houses, which often struggle due to limited storage space.

Why spend about 5% of your annual returns for treating industrial waste, when balers could accomplish the task without costing a fortune? Balers are the ideal machines for reducing the volume of trash and segregating it for recycling.

Made with Avant-garde technology, balers are easy to handle and operate. They are engineered to prevent accidental spillage and ensure that all different kinds of waste materials stay separated inadvertently. The automated systems reduce the need of appointing special staff for the operation and maintenance of balers at the workshop.


Compactor Management Company deals in a wide range of technically advanced and fine engineered trash balers, with each of them having the capacity to match your individual baling needs and requirements. We serve Fremont, Bay Area, San Jose, Oakland, and surrounding areas.

Vertical Cardboard Baler Machine

Vertical Cardboard Balers are perfect for manufacturing plants, hotels, restaurants, retailers, supermarkets, hospitals, distribution places, recycling stations, and other similar places. We make it possible for you to process and bale paper, cardboard, rags, aluminum, plastic, plastic bottles, shrink wrap, rags, and similar stuff. These balers are perfect for reducing labor expenses and generating extra revenue from recycling operations.

Vertical Cardboard Balers

Horizontal Balers – Closed End

These balers are known for their customization with hand fed tray, conveyor belt, air system and loader. They are designed to reduce labor expenses and aid the recycling process through increased payload. These machines are capable of baling newspapers, tin, paper, cardboard, plastic, shrink wraps, aluminum, foam, coated book stocks, rags, plastic bottles, steel, and other recyclable stuff. This makes them perfect for manufacturing plants, printing presses, recycling stations, distribution centers and other places with similar operations.

Horizontal Balers – Closed End

Horizontal Balers – Closed End

We present a fully automatic line of balers for recycling centers, manufacturing plants and distribution stations. They are perfect for those planning to make an investment for increasing productivity and reducing overall labor costs. With over 50 different models available in-house, you can find a perfect machine for baling coated book waste, textiles, newspaper, shrink wrap, plastic, cardboard, plastic bottles and other stuff.

Automatic Tie Balers – Open End

Horizontal Balers – Side Eject

The horizontal trash baling machines are specially engineered for reducing the labor costs of recycling centers, manufacturing stations and distribution centers. These balers are known for their ability to be fed through conveyors, loader, air system, or even hand, which helps increasing the recyclable payload. They are ideal for converting rags, plastic bottles, plastic shrink wrap, tin, wire, aluminum, steel, newspaper, coated book waste, paper and cardboard into small, manageable and recyclable bales.

Horizontal Balers – Side Eject

Automatic Tie Balers – 2 RAM

In addition to cutting down the labor expenses by easy feeding of waste material, these machines are capable of automatically tying off every bale produced. As of now, we offer 2 RAM Automatic Tie Balers in 29 different styles and sizes, with each one of them being specifically engineered to process waste materials from 1 to over 28 tons per hour.

Automatic Tie Balers – 2 RAM

Key Benefits of Baler

  • Reduction in Hauls
  • Increase in Safety and Security
  • More usable space
  • Enhance aesthetic appearance

Industrial and Commercial Balers

Industrial and Commercial balers form an integral part of waste disposal systems for various industries, since they can easily compress and bind waste materials into compact bales for easier handling and transportation. These denser bales take up less space and are also more likely to be sent to a recycling center or purchased by businesses that use recycled materials, rather than ending up in a landfill.

Industries that can benefit from Baler

Baler Machine are most often used in industries like;

  1. Agriculture
  2. Retail
  3. Oil
  4. Automotive
  5. Plastic products manufacturing
  6. Restaurants
  7. Schools
  8. Recycling Centers
  9. Junk yards.

Garbage that cannot be recycled or reused is compacted to reduce the volume of trash in landfills, but balers also increase the convenience of handling and transportation for recyclable materials like plastic bottles, metal cans, cardboard boxes and paper products.

The use of commercial balers allows companies to reduce the amount of labor, time and energy spent in the recycling process since they can be operated by a single person in most cases or even automated completely. Balers can form the central point for the waste management processes in any business, by compacting and reducing the volume of materials that need to be recycled or disposed of.

Industrial and commercial balers are available in a variety of different models that are designed for dealing with various kinds of waste materials like cardboard, plastic and textile. Most commonly, they are classified according to the type of input and direction of material flow, i.e. vertical baler and horizontal baler.

Why Choose Compactor Management Company?

  • Legal Compliance

    If you are finding it difficult to deal with the latest waste management rules and regulations, let us help you. Our easy-to-read and follow guides will help you in using balers to their full capacity. We also ensure that you remain on the right side of the legal road without punching a hole in your pocket.

  • Round the Clock Service

    For us, you are not just another customer using our products. We value you and the machines as a part of our family. We ensure that you get the maximum return out of your investment all through the operational life of these balers. Our professional experts are available at your disposal for flexible working hours and without any additional charges.

  • Rental Service

    Making an investment decision for your business is considered to be a challenging affair. To make it easy for you, Northern California Compactors Inc. provides balers on rent, in exchange for competitive monthly, quarterly, and half yearly or yearly charges.