Stationary trash compactors are ideal for high volume/dry material generators. They will process dry trash, cardboard or paper and increase container weights by over 400%. Perfect for distribution centers, manufacturing plants, malls, printers and retail outlets.

stationary compactors


Compactor Management Company sells a variety of stationary compactors made from superior quality structural steel, consisting of approved hydraulic components and featuring a rock-solid framework for rugged applications. The control panel is weatherproof and all the moving parts come with grease fittings for consistent, reliable and maintenance-free performance. Available in different sizes ranging up to 6 cubic yards, this powerful machine can compress anything from dry waste and boxes to plastic and aluminum. We stock a wide variety of merchandise of waste management solutions in different configurations to suit your specific needs and serve Fremont, Bay Area, San Jose, Oakland, and surrounding areas..

Available models of Stationary Compactor with Compactor Management Company.

RJ-30 (Gooseneck).27 CUBIC YARDS29″ X 28″15
RJ-225/RJ-225 Ultra2 CUBIC YARDS40.5″ X 60″10
TC-220T-HD2 CUBIC YARDS41″ X 58″10 OR 15 (HF)
TC-225T-HD2.5 CUBIC YARDS53″ X 58″10 OR 15 (HF)
RJ-325/RJ-400 Ultra3 CUBIC YARDS67.5″ X 60″15
RJ-4504 CUBIC YARDS67.5″ X 60″15
RJ-5505.5 CUBIC YARDS96.5″ X 60″15 OR 30 (HF)
RJ-575HD5.5 CUBIC YARDS96.5″ X 60″30

  • Each of the above compactors attaches to a separate roll-off container available from 16-40 cubic yard capacities.

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Please contact our office to discuss your application so we can customize one of the above compactors to suit your specific needs.We offer layout drawings and savings analysis at no cost or obligation.

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Stationary Compactors LITERATURE / SPECS

document-pdf-icon 24 pixelRJ-575HDdocument-pdf-icon 24 pixelRJ-30document-pdf-icon 24 pixelTANK COMPACTORS
document-pdf-icon 24 pixelRJ-225 Ultradocument-pdf-icon 24 pixelRJ-225document-pdf-icon 24 pixelRJ-225HD
document-pdf-icon 24 pixelRJ-275document-pdf-icon 24 pixelRJ-275XHDdocument-pdf-icon 24 pixelRJ-325/RJ-325HD
document-pdf-icon 24 pixelRJ-400 Ultradocument-pdf-icon 24 pixelRJ-450document-pdf-icon 24 pixelRJ-550

Benefits of Stationary Compactor

  • Significantly reduces the cost of waste collection
  • Prevents the growth and spread of insects and rodents
  • Controls bad odor
  • Optimizes valuable space
  • Extends the service life of your pavement
  • Prevents unauthorized disposal of trash
  • Prevents pilferage
  • Helps cut down on labor costs
  • Prevents trash from blowing away and keeps the surroundings clean

Common Applications of Stationary Compactor

  • Hotels
  • Nursing Homes
  • Commercial Establishments
  • Universities
  • Chain stores
  • Truck Terminals
  • Supermarkets

If you are dealing with recyclable materials or dry waste, a stationary compactor is ideal for your site. It remains affixed to the ground and comes with a detachable container for convenient emptying. We stock different makes and models with varying capacities and configurations for handling other volumes of everyday trash.

If you have a small space and produce a high volume of waste, investing in a stationary compactor will not only boost your bottom-line savings but also free up a lot of space that can be constructively used for other operations. Stationary compactors feature a robust design that is suitable for handling high volumes of trash with improved efficiency.