So, we are here to talk about critical equipment to manage your commercial and domestic establishments – Trash chutes, also known as garbage chutes, waste disposal chutes, and sometimes debris chutes! Our trash chutes are designed to make it easy to get rid of waste. They are pretty helpful in locations like construction sites, hospitals, hotels, and private homes.

Our trash chutes are designed to make trash collection easy and hassle-free. They are used in several places such as construction sites, hospitals, hotels and residential buildings. Our product catalogue includes heavy-duty steel chutes, durable plastic chutes, external & internal trash chutes and also replacement parts.

Our product portfolio includes heavy-duty steel and strong plastic chutes, as well as exterior and interior waste chutes and replacement components. When building sites, having a construction trash chute is vital to deal with the material accumulating every day. These items can be dangerous and may include sharp objects such as nails and glass, which could inadvertently damage people.

What Is a Trash Chute?

A trash chute is a sizable, vertical tube where waste can be placed at several locations and collected in one place. Residents can access a certain room on each floor of the chute, which is divided into various levels.

Perhaps you’ve seen those little doors in your apartment block, or there are small doors on each floor of your office. These little doors lead to the trash chute, which is essential for maintaining the cleanliness and safety of your building. A garbage chute is essentially a long tube, typically constructed of galvanized steel.

How Does Trash Chute Work?

A trash chute is one continuous queue through which items can be dropped from higher to lower levels. So everyone from the top floor to the second (and everyone in between) uses it to dispose of their waste.

Where Does the Garbage Go?

So, once you toss your bag into the trash chute and shut the door, your part is pretty much done. But have you ever stopped to wonder where all that garbage ends up? Well, it depends on the type of garbage chute system in use.

Some folks just chuck their rubbish into a dumpster or big ol’ garbage can at the bottom of the stairs, and then a local trash collection service swings by once a week to haul it away. However, in certain types of buildings, there might even be a nifty gadget called a trash compactor down there, too!

What Are The Types of External Debris Chute Systems?

From construction businesses to general contractors, our high-quality external debris chute system is widely used in multiple industries. We offer three different types of external trash chute systems which are as follows:

Heavy-duty Steel Debris Chutes

Heavy-duty Steel Debris ChutesThese are designed especially for mid and high-rise buildings and/or heavy demolition. They are made of .125” thick steel and are well capable of withstanding almost all kinds of debris.
They come with a patented baffle system which breaks apart the debris on its way down. This maximizes the space in the dumpster below. Its extra-large size of 3’x3’ ensures that even huge debris particles can be efficiently disposed off.

The doors can be locked to add that extra measure of security on the job site and the unique screw jack mounting system keeps it away from the façade of the building. Whether it is designing, renting, selling, supervising installation and dismantling or servicing, we are your one-stop solution for steel chutes and hardware. Our trash chute systems are designed to meet even your most specific needs.

DURACHUTE Plastic Debris Chute

DURACHUTE Plastic Debris ChuteIt’s one of the most resilient chutes available in the market. The blow-moulding process and the upper and lower rings all contribute towards an extra stable system which is capable of maintaining its shape regardless of the length of the entire system. Its large 32” diameter enhances the efficiency of waste removal. Along with the straight sections and intakes, DURACHUTE comes with a vast range of accessories to facilitate easy and safe installation.

DURAFLAT Plastic Flat Chute

DURAFLAT Plastic Flat ChuteThis trash chute system was specifically designed to address the economical and lightweight debris removal needs of the construction industry. It ships and stores flat debris particles and is extremely easy to assemble with standard hand tools. Its steel plate comes with pre-punched holes as well as nuts and bolts so that it can be quickly assembled without any hassles. The system can be adjusted for different floor heights due to the sections which taper slightly to allow sleeving with minimal gap opening and are connected to zinc-plated chains. It also comes with a patented DURACONVERTER which allows easy integration of the rest of the system accessories.

What Are The Types of Internal Trash Chute Systems?

We offer CHUTES International’s internal trash chute systems which include internal trash and linen chutes. These are the only garbage chutes which come with 100% stainless steel doors, front and back panels, sides and skirts. This is the only trash chute in the market which provides front and back panels and side skirting made from stainless steel.

Hence, it is aesthetically more appealing, easier to clean and lasts longer. Besides, the hinges are flapped in a way to ensure that the debris doesn’t get caught in the hinge. This eliminates the possibility of jamming and leakage. The vent portion of this system is also made of high-quality material. The accordion discharge is safe and has been proven as one of the best choices for safer discharge.

We offer three variants under the internal trash chute systems category. They are as follows:

Trash Chute

Trash ChutesThese trash chutes are designed in a way so that they look better, last long, are easy to clean and require minimal maintenance. It is the only model in this category which comes outfitted with an intake door which has front and back stainless steel panels and skirts. They are widely used in high-rise residential buildings.

Linen Chute

These are hugely popular in hotels, hospitals and even high-rise residential buildings. They have an intake indoors made of extremely durable stainless steel panels. They are built to handle continuous heavy usage for years.

Recycling duo/trio chutes

The trash chutes handling general office or household waste and recycling material should have a minimum thickness of 16 ga. stainless steel or aluminized steel. Both our duo and trio chute models are 27” and 36” wide and 18” high respectively. They both have hand-operated hopper-type intake doors which are noiseless, self-closing and self-latching.

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What are the 3 Major Benefits of Garbage Chutes?

Dealing with waste in high-rise buildings may be both intimidating and time-consuming. Garbage chutes are a practical solution that allows for superior waste management while removing the need for human sorting and transportation. Furthermore, separate chutes for recyclable waste help to promote sustainable waste management while also making the entire process easier.

Residents may now dispose of waste more efficiently, thanks to trash chutes. With the simplicity of just transporting trash to the chute, it has become a vital amenity for flat dwellers.

After residents toss their trash, it can attract pests and spread diseases. Waste disposal chutes help maintain a safe distance from the garbage, keep the air and surroundings clean, prevent foul odors, and ward off pests and insects.

How Do You Install a Garbage Chute?

Follow the below-mentioned steps for a perfect trash chute installation:-

  • Set up a discharge chamber on the first level with a support angle.
  • Ensure that it is above the floor and that the intake entrance is parallel to the cross members.
  • Then, insert the first intake part into the aperture and ensure the rings adequately support it.
  • Once that’s done, seal your chute by inserting the bent end into the intake part. Then, put it on your chute head plate.
  • Next, attach a flexible hose from the chute vent part above to your roof.
  • Fit everything for your vent on this roof region and fasten the vent body. Then, you may connect some counter flashing to this vent pipe!
  • Now it’s time to connect the electrical wires and ensure that everything is level, with both garbage doors and plumbing in place!
  • The last stretch is completing up in this discharge chamber, which entails installing a discharge sleeve utilizing these angle clips connected snugly with a bolts-nuts configuration. The same principle applies to securing any discharges onto these sleeves.
  • Finally, get aligning things right along, attaching a fusible link down there at the base of our door where it meets these clips!

What Can Be Dropped in the Garbage Chute?

There are many things that you can just throw in the garbage chute, such as:-

  • Pizza boxes or huge or unusually shaped boxes – Provided they don’t choke the door.
  • Live plants like Christmas trees, wreaths, and garlands – However, you might want to avoid putting them since they might leak sap and generate a mess.
  • Hangers and light strands – Ensure that they don’t stick out and cause clogs.

Notably, you must avoid throwing things like liquid soap, chemicals, or recently lit cigars in the waste disposal chute of your building.

Why Choose Us?

Why pick Compactor Management Company? Well, we make fixing your internal trash chute a breeze. Whether you need replacement parts from CHUTES International Manufacturing or CIM, we’ve got you covered.

Our range of products is almost entirely compatible with CHUTES systems. Plus, we have specific parts for trash chutes from other manufacturers, too. We are the go-to guys for both external and internal trash chute systems. Our clients love us because:

  • We offer top-notch products
  • We provide reliable service
  • And all at affordable rates!

To know more about easy and hassle-free trash chute systems which meet your needs and fit within your budget, get in touch with us today.