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Being a businessman, it won’t be difficult for you to understand that waste is one of the most common by-products of every business operation. Huge piles of waste objects, especially solid items like glasses, cans, plastics, tins, and other such materials, can create havoc in your workplace, if not treated properly. Apart from consuming a vast portion of the work floor, they can make the environment unsuitable and unhealthy.

We aim at lending a helpful hand in your recycling operations and making a shared contribution towards a greener planet. There are wide range of crushers available in the market to help you minimize the size of waste material and make room for more recyclable waste. Available in different styles, kinds and shapes, crushers increase your recyclable outgo, reduce the hauling expenses and multiply your revenue in the long run.

Are Crushers Helpful?

Yes, crushers are helpful in several ways. Some of the most evident benefits of using crushers include:

Whether it is large container bins or small glass bottles, they occupy a lot of space at the workplace. Moreover, crushers help in reducing their volume by nearly 80-90% and make room for storing more waste materials.
Once the waste items are crushed and removed from the place, there is a drastic fall in the time taken to fill up the same place again. Reduction in the size of waste and hike in the overall collection volume also results in reduced hauling expenses for your business.
Our crushers are unbelievably quiet in operation. The no-noise feature makes them ideal for indoor as well as outdoor use. They also benefit you when you are required to apply for different kinds of business permits.


Wide selection of industry-grade crushers, which are perfect for several different kinds of applications.

Glass Crusher

glass crusher machine

Glass crushers provide for easy pulverization of glass waste to small pieces of 2” or less. Our machines are capable of crushing up to 1 gallon in size to about 95% of their original size, thereby helping you make more room at your workplace. These crushers can be fed with single glass containers, or with a box full of solid waste, as per the specifications and requirements.


Can Crusher

Can crusher

Crushing aluminium cans or steel containers is perhaps the biggest hassle for a wide range of business operations. We provide you the power to reduce the size of cans and containers (up to 1 gallon) by about 90% and increase the volume of recyclable output in a single trip.



Drum Crusher

drum crusher

Designed to crush drums filed with hazardous material as well as empty barrels, our Drum Crushers are a perfect addition for manufacturing stations, industrial places, recycling plants, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and other similar places. These systems are safe, simple, and reliable to operate. They are designed and engineered to withstand the most challenging environments. Our product range includes crushers with hydraulic or pneumatic controls, explosion proof systems, air filtration (particle & vapor), stainless steel construction drum piercing and drainage, and others.