Waste recycling equipment is a huge investment. Protect your investment with our dependable and one-stop solution for all recycling equipment services. Our team of professionals also offers 24-hour emergency service, guaranteed next-day service and on-demand repairs. Described below are the equipment services offered by us:

  • Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is extremely important to avoid expensive downtime. We offer professional inspection of electrical and mechanical components. A detailed inspection is recommended every 3 months since the recycling equipment is metal with moving parts.

  • Performance Assessment

You can benefit from free waste reduction and recycling assessments. Our performance assessment includes data collection over a particular period of time so as to identify cost-saving opportunities in order to help your business reduce waste management expenses.

  • Usage Monitoring

Waste monitoring is important to ensure that valuable resources like time, labor and money are not wasted. Our waste monitoring service provides 24/7 monitoring of compactor usage. This helps you avoid over-scheduling and unnecessary pickups which in turn reduces the associated costs. With our Waste Edge Monitoring system, you can know when the container or compactor is full and the message is directly communicated to the hauler. In this way, the container is picked up only and only when it is actually full. This hi-tech monitoring system helps you cut down costs by a minimum of 30%.

  • Evaluation

Our detailed report of the overall condition of your recycling equipment helps you make an informed decision regarding its performance and maintenance. The selling price or the trade-in value of your equipment is also mentioned in this report which can be used for tax purposes or as a deduction if you opt for a trade-in.

  • Reconditioning

Even if your equipment is operating normally, it may not necessarily be operating at its full capacity. In such cases, the waste material will not be compacted as efficiently. This leads to more trips by hauler which in turn will cost you more money. Besides, if the equipment isn’t operating at its optimal capacity, it can pose a risk to the safety of your employees. Our reconditioning services help revamp the equipment to make it function like brand-new machinery. We do complete overhauling of worn-out and/or faulty parts apart from ensuring that the equipment meets all the necessary safety and operational standards.

  • Transportation

We also provide pick-up, transportation and relocation services for all equipment as well as recycling material disposal. Our services are designed to handle transportation of even the largest equipment with a Flat Bed which is 22 feet long and an additional trailer which is also 22 feet long.

  • Lease and Rent

You can find multiple leasing and renting options which can be customized as per your specific requirements. With us, you can be sure of getting high-quality recycling equipment which is best suited to your needs and fits within your budget.

  • Trade-In

We also consider trade-ins. After a detailed inspection by our specialists, a monetary value is assigned to your old machinery. That price is then deducted from the overall price of the new machinery. We also bear all the hauling costs for your old machinery so you can be sure of getting a good deal with us.

We at  Compactor Management Company are trusted providers of all of the above-listed equipment services. To know more about how you can ensure that your recycling equipment performs optimally with our expert equipment services, give us a call today.