Eco  Friendly House Tips

First investments to create an eco-friendly home should be a set of reusable bags. For about 99 cents, you can buy lightweight, washable bags that are made from recycled polyester.


Many trash valet companies will ask you to separate landfill trash from recyclable waste. Regardless of how your trash gets moved to a dumpster, remember to separate items into recyclable or landfill containers.

Separate Your Waste

Be Mindful

If you live in an apartment building that has a trash chute, be mindful of the items you send down. Solid, non recyclable materials are the types of waste that should be in a landfill. 

Herbs and Green Plants

One of the easiest and most fun ways to cut down on waste is to plant a herb garden. You will enjoy the benefits of fresh herbs, the convenience of having herbs and vegetables right on your windowsill or counter, and, most of all; there will be no excess plastic to dispose of.

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Compost Your Wet Trash

The process of composting helps keep food out of landfills. This is a good idea because decaying food creates methane gas, which contributes to the greenhouse effect.

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