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Are you tired of spending your earnings needlessly on appointing additional staff for feeding trash compactors or balers? Or, are your workers creating a menace while feeding the waste treatment machines? It is time to get rid of your worries and compact the waste collection bill by adding Marathon Conveyors to your arsenal.

We, at Compactor Management Company, take pride in offering you a wide range of mechanical conveyor apparatuses. They are capable of mechanically transporting waste material from the point of entry to the machine. No matter what purpose you want the conveyors to serve, we will provide you with the right machine and give you the best solution for your needs. . With a wide selection of well-engineered and superior-quality conveyors of different styles and sizes, we promise and strive to deal with your specific waste treatment needs.

What Is Conveyor Belt?

A conveyor belt is a moving platform that carries objects from one place to another. The main purpose of conveyor belts is to transport materials from one location to another without moving them manually.

They are used in many industries, including automotive manufacturing, food distribution and logistics, mining, coal handling, and many more.

Why Use Marathon Conveyors?

With the help of conveyor belts, you can reduce the pain of hiring labor to feed the treatment machines. The conveyor belts automatically carry a large volume of trash from the starting point and feed it into the machine.
Conveyor belts require less horsepower to operate and complete its action, as compared to other similar apparatuses. It is a rather simple mechanism as against manual feeding and does not consume more power for carrying the waste.
The automation of moving waste material limits manual handling, thereby reducing any chances of error and increasing the overall productivity. With less manual roles, reduced work expenses, and safety concerns, you can experience a sharp rise in the annual returns from trash treatment operations.

What Are the Different Types of Conveyor Belt?

No matter what purpose or job you want to use a conveyor belt for, our fine selection of Marathon Conveyors will prove to be a perfect match for your unique needs.

Chain Belt Conveyors

Chain Belt ConveyorThe chain edged conveyor belts are specially engineered for transporting medium to high volume waste on the work floor. With their unique and reliable characteristic features, they are ideal for MRF sorting line feeds, open end auto tie balers, 2 RAM balers, feed side eject balers, mixed waste lines and other similar machines.



Steel Belt Conveyors

steel belt conveyorsThese conveyors are perfectly designed with piano hinge steel or heavy duty steel apron belt, and powered to handle 20-50 tons per hour. This makes them perfect for high volume, heavy duty applications, including feeding heavy-duty solid waste to pre-crusher compactors, transfer station compactors, mixed waste lines, large 2 RAM scrap balers, mixed waste lines and others.



Slider Bed Conveyors

Slider Bed ConveyorsIdeal for carrying 1 to 15 tons of waste per hour, these friction driven conveyor belts also come with a slider bed as a supporting feature. Ideal for low, medium and high volume applications, these high-power conveyors come handy in feeding side-eject balers, stationary conveyors, auto-tie balers, and closed end horizontal balers.



MRF Sorting Lines

Material Recovery Facility Sorting Line
This customized range of conveyor belts is designed according to your individual needs and requirements. A combination of slider bed, chain belt and steel conveyors, these conveyors are tailored according to your usage requirements.