Waste Disposal has become a critical issue for society. Landfills and other waste disposal facilities are reaching their capacity faster than we can imagine. Finding and scoping new facilities is difficult due to environmental and health concerns, including water pollution, loss of wetlands, poisoning of the soil, and breeding of vermin. The key to minimization and effective management of waste is its segregation, followed by transporting it to a place where proper actions can be taken.

Keeping in mind the social and environmental aspects, Compactor Management Company considers safety a top priority when it comes to effective waste management. And our shared responsibility starts right away by providing you with waste containers. A properly filled, maintained, and serviced container is crucial for keeping our customers as well as employees free from any harm or disease. Following it our objective, we offer you a wide range of trash containers, helping you in doing a greater good to the environment.

How Using Containers is Beneficial?

The designing of containers is done in such a manner that it:

As the trash container is totally enclosed, it helps in controlling the rodents and eliminates the unpleasant odor emitted by the waste material.
Regular cleaning and dumping in a perfectly designed container keeps the waste area clean for easy access, while reducing odor and keeping insects and rodents away.
Not only small, but heavy waste materials like appliances, batteries, chemical products, construction debris, electronics, flammables, fluorescent bulbs, hazardous waste, pesticides, liquids, medical waste/needles, and tires can also be dumped in these containers.

List of Our Containers

Front and Rear load container

Front load rear container

A front end and rear end loading container is used for trash or recyclable waste removal. They are used by businesses that do not have local or township trash pick-up, such as small restaurants, card shops, beauty salons, retail stores or offices. The sizes of these containers vary according to the purpose they serve.



Roll off container

16-40 Yard Roll Off Containers

Such containers are perfect for garbage removal, homeowner cleanups, demolition, estates, concrete removal, construction, yard debris, roofing material, tree stump removal, dirt removal, scrap metal, wood and brush, concrete, brick and asphalt. They are available in varied sizes and provide for proper waste removal mechanism.



Recycling Container

Recycling bin

These containers are capable of dealing with heavy collection of waste for both indoor as well as outdoor locations. This makes them perfect for malls, schools and other public areas where a clean and non dusty environment is required. These can be easily carried and transported for collecting unwanted material.



Tow carts

steel tow carts

Plastic and aluminium beverage containers are the most common recyclables generated by people. They can either be collected separately or mixed together. Cardboard is another waste generated in high volumes at stadiums, complexes, gardens, big resorts, hotels, and playgrounds. Tow carts are highly equipped with rubber material containers for handling such kind of waste properly.



Recycling Plastic Trash Can Cart

trash can cart

Plastic trash can cart are designed for ease of mobility, easy handling, and to contain and transport waste or recyclables, they are ideal for curbside automated waste, recycling and organics collection by cities, and are used by private waste haulers and recyclers as well.





How Our Services are Different?

Compactor Management Company offers you great and valuable support for letting the waste out and making your surroundings clean. Are you with us?? Here is a look at other advantages of being associated with our company:

  • Reduced solid waste, and a significant increase in waste diversion.
  • Reduced overall solid waste management costs.
  • Lower trash tonnage, resulting in reduced hauling and tipping fees
  • Custodial staff need not hop from one desk to the other desk, resulting in reduced custodial costs in many instances.
  • Our system achieves high recycling levels because it fundamentally changes the way individuals handles the waste.
  • Clean and healthy environment.

We serve Fremont, Bay Area, San Jose, Oakland, and surrounding areas. Contact us to get more details, ask for suggestions on the type of compactor to be used, and request a quote.