Benefits CMC Offers RentLease
Use as per your needs
  • A simple process to get you the equipment you need quickly for a short-term
  • Flexible and affordable leasing plans for long-term equipment use
  • An easy, single page application for leases up to $75,000
Save TaxYour entire monthly payment is a deductible expense and can result in a larger tax deduction than if you were claiming a depreciation expense
Overcome Budget LimitsReduces your monthly haul bill by at least $500 with a piece of equipment that rents for $200 a monthReduces your monthly haul bill by at least $500 with a piece of equipment that rents for $200 a month
No Hidden CostRental prices are fixed over a specified term and include all maintenance and emergency service as long as the equipment is used for its intended purposeAll costs associated with acquiring the equipment is included in the lease payment. i.e. delivery and installation are covered in the initial costs.
Flexible Payment Plans-
  • Customizedlease plans between 3 months and 60 months.
  • Option of making a down payment to reduce monthly payments.
  • $1 or 10% buyout options at the end of term available. You can even skip the first 3 months payments on buying the equipment.
  • 100% financing available
Flexible ContractsEnsures that you have the machine for the exact amount of time you needAllows contracts to be redone at the end each term
Fixed PaymentsAllows better and more accurate budgeting in the futureAllows better and more accurate budgeting in the future
Fast Approval-Less than 24 hours
Emergency Service24-hour service is available at no additional cost.-
Conserve Your Capital
  • Low initial investment
  • No down payments
  • Low initial investment
  • No down payments

Cleaner Balance SheetMonthly rental payments can be listed as an expense rather than a liability or a capital purchaseMonthly “true” lease payments can be listed as an expense rather than a liability or a capital purchase
Brand New Equipment Options Available!Reduces the risk of break downs, improve payloads and meet or exceed current OSHA&ANSI safety standards.-
100% Financing Available-
  • Site preparation, installation and freight costs are included in your payment.
  • Enjoy low monthly payments instead of a capital expense.
  • Option of purchasing the equipment at the end of termor replace it with a new one at the same monthly rate.

Waste Recycling Equipment Rental Plans 

Stationary Compactors: Compactor Management Company’s stationary compactors rentals are designed for a diverse group of industrial and commercial trash compactors. Our customer-friendly stationary equipment meets the highest standards and is built to promote longevity and maximize payloads. Solve your commercial trash compactor needs with rental plans that start at $329 per month.

Vertical Compactors: Our rental VIP units are built to handle most types of trash. They are designed to store and transport the waste, thereby reducing disposal costs while preventing contamination of public area sand improving your employee’s working conditions.

Apartment Compactors: CMC’s apartment compactor rental plan helps you to reduce capital spending and hauler costs by hauling heavy payloads less often.

 Balers: All-inclusive baler rental programs meet your recycling needs. They include free freight, installation, and repairs.

Augers: A perfect tool for fencing, soil sampling, landscaping, etc. Save money by renting augers from CMC.

Compactor Management Company has customised baler and compactor rental and leasing plans for your unique needs. Call 510 623-2323 Compactor Management Company to find out how you can reduce costs and save money through compactor rental or leasing options. Compactor Management Company serve Fremont, Bay Area, San Jose, Oakland, and surrounding areas.