Pre-crusher trash compactors eliminate “light loads” of pallets, crates, drums, boxes, furniture and appliances. This unique design will virtually double the compaction power of a standard stationary compactor thus increasing payloads by as much as 800%. Ideal for warehouses, manufacturing plants and donation centers.


Pre-Crusher Compactors

Pre-crusher compactors are designed for reducing bulky material, tough construction refuse, auto parts, barrels and heavy-duty shipping crates to a fraction of their original size. Pre-crusher compactors facilitate clean and efficient compaction of waste for fast and convenient disposal. This powerful equipment employs a solid steel mechanism and a colossal guillotine to compact tough waste.

The pre-crusher compactor comes inbuilt with a trash compactor and makes for an ideal solution for pallets, drums, and product destruction. Pre-crusher compactors are designed to take the everyday abuse of high-density compaction forces. Designed to achieve a high reduction ratio for rugged materials, pre-crusher compactors can bring down your hauling expenses to less than half.

Our advanced pre-crusher compactors come with a programmable controller to make material handling easy and effortless. Our wide range of pre-crusher compactors is a perfect solution for the following:

  • Automobile Industry
  • Appliance Manufacturing Units
  • General Manufacturing Industry
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Construction Sites
  • Boat Manufacturers
  • Department Stores
  • Warehouses
The function of a pre-crusher compactor can be sidestepped as and when required. It is a perfect solution for brand protection as it completely destroys products that come with memory and might find their way back into the market. Pre-crusher compactors are available in different configurations for products with spring back propensity and crush-resistant materials.

If you want to reduce trash volume and boost payloads, Compactor Management Company brings you the widest range of high-capacity pre-crusher compactors that are customized to suit your unique industry needs.

  • Marathon RJ-450HD/PD/Hi-Volume trash compactor with a 4 cubic yard charge box, 20 horsepower motor, and fully automatic operation controls attaches to a separate roll-off container available from 16-40 cubic yard capacities.
  • Marathon RJ-575HD or RJ-575EHD/PC PC trash compactors with a 5.5 cubic yard charge box, 30 horsepower motor, and fully automatic operation controls attach to a separate roll-off container available from 16-40 cubic yard capacities.

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