We at Compactor Management Company understand your compacting needs and hence take great care to build our product catalogue with only the best. We offer industrial and commercial grade Marathon Auger compactors which are built to deliver exceptional compaction. The advanced design makes these compactors extremely easy to operate with minimal maintenance.

The design is eco-friendly with no-hydraulics system and reduced number of moving parts as opposed to the bulky traditional compactors. The separation spillage is also minimal as compared to old models. These can be installed directly at a dock door which means you benefit from increased productivity and reduced expenses by cutting down on labor and forklift expenses.

For several years, our auger compactors have delivered reliable performance in malls, supermarkets, restaurants, apartment complexes, hospitals, schools, and numerous other businesses located in the areas we serve, including Fremont, Bay Area, San Jose, Oakland and surrounding areas.

At Compactor Management Company we offer the below described three different types of auger compactors we sell with detailed specification:

  1. ASC-210Self Contained Auger Compactors

210 Self Continued Auger Compactor


The Self-contained ASC-210 Auger waste compactor is packed with a ton of useful features which offer a host of benefits. It has a short rear dimension for rear or dock feeding. The advanced design eliminates spring back into the auger chamber thus making it more reliable.

With this revolutionary design, you can be sure of years of hassle-free and efficient performance. This model is ideal for compacting wet waste such as organic or medical waste.

Its heavy duty construction also allows for waste like skids and pellets. Other features and benefits are as follows:

  • Almost zero noise
  • Eco-friendly non-hydraulic system
  • Moves the material feed forward always
  • Extremely easy-to-operate
  • Minimal and simple maintenance
  • Thanks to its advanced design, the material gets behind the unit which eliminates the need for cleaning
  1. AST-220 Stationary Single Auger Compactor

Single Auger - AST-220 Stationary Auger Compactor


The AST-220 Stationary Single Auger Compactor is particularly designed for exceptional and hassle-free performance. It is perfect for processing dry waste such as cardboard and paper. This compactor is also a good choice for compacting furniture and light wood waste. It boasts of a displacement rate of 425 cubic yards of material and an auger which always moves forward.

The continuous forward auger blade movement allows excellent payloads and compaction while minimizing or even entirely eliminating springback. Its key features and benefits are as follows:

  • Short rear dimension and low height for rear feeding or dock feeding
  • Check-valve action which ensures that materials stay in the container
  • Deck height compatible with standard loading docks
  • Eco-friendly non-hydraulic system
  • Higher payloads on materials such as OCC – up to eight tons in a 40 yard container
  • Almost zero noise
  • Advanced design ensures that the material always moves forward
  • Highly reliable
  • Superior compaction
  • Minimal maintenance
  1. AST-320 Stationary Auger Compactor


The AST-320 Stationary Auger Compactor has a heavy duty build which makes processing of materials such as pellets and skids extremely easy. Its short tail design makes it ideal for dock installations. The intelligent make of this compactor ensures that the fed material always moves forward and never accumulates behind the auger. Simply put, it is the best choice for processing pellets.

Listed below are some of its important advantages:

  • Minimal waste storage space on site
  • Increased payloads and reduced transportation costs by up to 50%
  • Zero cavities in the rear end of the machine which in turn eliminates waste accumulation

If you are still contemplating the need for compaction, take a look at its multiple benefits listed below:

  • Save time, money and labor with fewer pickups, faster compaction and minimal maintenance
  • Reduced risk of fire hazard
  • Reduced pest and scavenger problem
  • Lesser cleanup issues
  • Eliminates mess related to liquid waste as self-contained compactors retain liquid better than any waste bins
  • Odor control

See AST-320 Stationary Auger Compactor in action.

Our experienced team will help you understand more about how your business can benefit from our durable and dependable auger compactors. Get in touch with us for all your compacting needs today.