With vertical cardboard baler, cardboard waste can be compressed into small, recyclable bales. You compress voluminous cardboard waste into compact bundles with a vertical downstroke baler. You can reduce the volume of cardboard waste by compressing it. This saves space on the floor as well as money on waste pickup. A baler reduces costs, reduces CO2 emissions, and generates revenue from reusable bales.

What is a Cardboard Baler?

A cardboard baler is a device that applies intense pressure and force using a metal plate propelled by a hydraulic ram to crush, condense, and compress cardboard fragments into perfectly shaped and transportable cubes and rectangular bales.


Vertical Cardboard Baler

5070 1,200LBS. 103″ X 44.5″ 10
V-4224 450 LBS. 68″ X 40″ 1.5 or 5
5070 110 LBS. 69″ x 29″ 3
V-6030XHD 1,000 LBS. 89.25″ X 41.25″ 10
V-6030HD 1,000 LBS. 89.25″ X 50″ 10


Orwak 3300

Orwak 3300 is the result of over 30 years of experience in the market. It is safe and reliable for the operator and fast and powerful for efficient operation. Orwak 3300 is easy to handle.

Orwak 3300

It is perfect for companies with small amounts of packaging waste. The low height in combination with the small footprint makes Orwak 3110 fit where you need it to be! It is a small but effective baler and it gives a volume reduction of 7:1!

Orwak 3110

The newly launched Orwak 3115 is a small and compact baler, yet it is a larger and more powerful machine than its smaller cousins, the 3105 and 3110. The Orwak 3115 is ideal for small volumes of plastic foil, but it is also designed for compacting cardboard. A material selector makes selection easy!

Orwak 3115

The Eagle tier baler was designed to: eliminate the collection of wastewater (conductive to mosquito breeding), reduce volume, reduce fire hazard, and provide beneficial usage of waste tires in baled form.

Tire Baler

having more than one bin to load into makes sorting dry materials such as cardboard, bulky paper products, and plastic film an easy task. Utilize up to 6 top-loading bins, one for each of your recyclables.

Orwak 5070

Top loading, multi-chamber system for sorting and baling cardboard, paper, plastics, plastic bottles, empty sacks, etc. Bale weights are up to 190 lbs (cardboard)

Orwak 5070-HDC

This baler is small enough to be placed right where the scrap material is generated in manufacturing and food processing plants. Perfect for cardboard, sacks, and other bulky paper products, as well as most plastic materials.

Orwak 5010-E

This is a baler for retail and foodservice operations needing higher capacity than most balers in its size can offer. The Orwak 3210 has a cycle time of only 13 seconds! With its power, it is suitable for most recyclable materials such as cardboard, cans, and various plastics.

Orwak 3210

Which Business Needs Cardboard Baler?

These vertical balers are ideal for smaller businesses that produce lower quantities of soft waste, like restaurants, offices, and educational institutes. Once the baler has compacted the trash, it can simply be tied with plastic straps or baling wire, and the reduced volume makes it much easier and a lot more cost-effective to transport on a forklift or truck.

The Cardboard baler will process and bale cardboard, paper, plastic shrink wrap, aluminium, plastic bottles, or rags. These balers are ideal for the following businesses:

  1. Supermarkets
  2. Retailers
  3. Hospitals
  4. Hotels
  5. Distribution centers
  6. Manufacturing plants and recycling centers

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