If you have a construction business, you would know how much waste is generated each day. Carrying garbage by hand is time-consuming and unsafe, especially in high-rise constructions. A garbage chute for construction site makes waste disposal much easier.

A trash chute is a large tube you can use to move the trash to a central collection point. Trash is placed inside the opening of the chute, at different levels of the building. It then falls to the basement or lowest level of the building.

Why Use Garbage Chute for Construction Site?

Here are 3 Main Reasons to Install a Trash Chute:

  1. Convenience

    When a trash chute is present, workers don’t have to remove trash bags on each floor. They can just put the trash bags in the chute present on each level. This makes waste disposal easy and convenient.

  2. No Physical Contact

    Once the trash is placed in the trash chute, the workers won’t have any direct, physical contact with the trash. Thus, it will not affect the health of the workers.

  3. Improved Sanitation

    You do not want the trash to accumulate in the hallways, stairways, or areas where trash may get cluttered. If it happens throughout the building, it would be a sanitation issue. The accumulated trash would be a health hazard as it would attract pests and rodents. It would also provide a medium for fungus and mold. Putting trash down the chute can eliminate these issues.

To help with the odor, you can equip the chute with a manual or automatic sanitizing solution. Dispensing disinfectant through an automated system would keep the chute clean.

What are the Benefits of Garbage Chute for Construction Site?

The 2 main reasons to have a trash chute are:

  • Safety

    One of the main advantages of using a trash chute is safety. Without a trash chute, the workers would have to carry it themselves or cart it out. They could hurt themselves doing it, either by tripping, falling or hurting their backs while lifting. Using a chute will also save you money on workers’ insurance claims or fine from buildings and health departments.

  • Efficiency

    If you don’t have a chute, the workers may have to lower the debris out of the window or secure it before carting it down the elevators. This step would increase effort as well as time to just discard the waste. If there is a trash chute, the workers can just send it down the chute and discard it without wasting much time.

How to Maintain Garbage Chute for Construction Site?

4 Ways to Maintain a Construction Trash Chute:

  1. Secure It on Each Level

    When you install a construction chute for a building, it may stretch from the roof to the ground. It may encompass many stories of the building. You need to go through each story and attach it for added strength. You cannot just attach it at the top and bottom. When you attach it to each floor, ensure it does not bend or collapse.

  2. Clear Blockages

    Every once in a while, something may get lodged or stuck in between the trash chute. When this happens, clear it out quickly.
    If you don’t dislodge it, other trash may get accumulated on top of it, and the blockage could get worse. It would create a lot of weight halfway up the chute, causing it to tear or break away from the wall.

  3. Put the Lower End in the Trash Compactor

    There will be at least one trash compactor on the ground for demolition jobs. It would be ideal for putting the lower end of the chute in the trash compactor. This cuts down the process of your workers picking up the trash and taking it to the compactors. Remember to keep the lower end of the chute clear.

  4. Consider the Total Weight

    The higher the chute, the more it will weigh. You can easily attach the shorter chutes to the building with the standard system. However, the large ones may need other supporting devices for increased strength. Learn the upper limits for the specific chute you want to install and keep track of its weight. This will help you understand whether it needs an extra support frame or not.

Waste disposal is a part of every construction site. A construction trash chute on the site will be quite helpful in getting the waste from high locations. If you know how to use the chute correctly, you will make your job much easier.