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Safeguarding the Environment – Recycling and Its Impact

World Environment Day – the day when it’s not rare seeing pictures of people planting seeds on social media. But are we conscious of our everyday responsibilities towards the environment? Our needs are slowly […]

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    Do You Know Which Recycling Equipment Is Best for Your Business?

Do You Know Which Recycling Equipment Is Best for Your Business?

Recycling equipment has revolutionized the way businesses handle their waste. Shredders, grinders and granulators are some of the most widely used equipment for recycling waste. Even though all three of them are size reduction […]

How Recycling Plastics Can Benefit Your Business Big Time

Plastic is undoubtedly one of the most widely used materials across the world. Thousands of types of plastics are used to manufacture a variety of products from pet bottles to clothing. This in turn […]

Industrial Shredder Basics: Different Types and Their Uses

What are Industrial Shredders?
Industrial shredders are state-of-the-art devices that efficiently shred every material from tissues and thin plastics to corrugated boxes and beverage containers. Essentially, industrial machines need special voltage lines that take up […]

How to Innovatively Manage World’s Major Types of Wastes

The overflowing landfill, increasing carbon footprint and a growing negative impact on the economy are only some of the many effects of growing amount of waste generated across the world. Let’s take a look […]

How Mill Waste Can Help Businesses Make Money

Waste management is an expensive process. Transportation, handling and disposing waste not only costs businesses a lot of money but also increases their environmental impact. However, today, businesses can make money out of their […]

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    Can Apple Close the Loop? Tech Giant Aims to Use 100% Recycled Material

Can Apple Close the Loop? Tech Giant Aims to Use 100% Recycled Material

Apple aims to start using 100% recycled materials to manufacture its electronic products in the near future and reduce its reliance on raw materials.

The IT and electronics giant declared that its goal was to […]

6 Landfill Waste Compaction Strategies

Have a sense of environmental responsibility? Then landfills are one way you can act on it. There is no denying the importance of landfills when it comes to rubbish and waste. Here are 6 […]

5 Good Waste Management Practices for Your Business

Every business generates waste and how that waste is managed is critical. You must strive to keep your organization’s waste away from landfills and identify opportunities to manage waste better.
Here are 5 waste management […]

6 Ways Technology is Innovating Waste Management

Americans generate roughly 250 million tons of trash every single year and only 34% of it is being recycled. There are several other stats that reveal shocking trash tendencies despite the environmental awareness. The […]