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Recycling & Waste Management

The Recycling Symbols

The recycling symbol is a famous logo with three arrows forming a loop. It's known worldwide as a recycling sign. This recycling symbol was made on the first Earth Day in 1970 by Gary Anderson. Interestingly, this recycling sign is not owned by anyone; it belongs to everyone.

What Does Closed-Loop Recycling Mean?

Different people have different ideas about what “closing the loop” means. For some, it’s about reaching fitness goals with a smartwatch or finishing a craft project like […]

What is a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF)?

Have you ever wondered what happens to all those cans, bottles, and paper products you toss into the recycling bin? Well, there is a place known as […]

What is a Waste Transfer Station?

Proper trash management is critical for keeping the communities clean and sustainable. Fortunately, garbage transfer stations are an excellent answer to the unappealing problem of municipal solid […]

What to Do if You Miss Trash Day?

Trash disposal is an essential sector for the society. Fortunately, there are firms with garbage trucks and collection systems to help you get rid of your rubbish. […]

Tire Recycling – Learn How to Dispose of Tires

Tire recycling, also known as rubber recycling, is the process of recovering old tires that are no longer usable owing to wear and tear or irreversible damage. […]

How to Dispose of Mattress?

Is your mattress showing signs of its age? Perhaps you’ve upgraded to a new model and are now faced with the dilemma of what to do with […]

How to Recycle Furniture?

Recycling isn’t just for bottles and cans anymore – did you know you can recycle furniture too? We’re all aware of the benefits of recycling, and it’s […]

How Long Does It Take Common Items to Decompose?

You know how we toss stuff in the garbage, and it’s like they vanish from our lives? Well, here’s the twist: they start a journey of breaking […]

Can You Recycle Plastic Bags?

Plastic bags have become an integral part of modern life, making our daily tasks more convenient. However, their widespread use has also contributed to a significant environmental […]

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