Shredding is yet another method for reducing the volume of industrial waste and reprocessing it into something useful. Other than normal paper, cardboard, and light metallic wastage, there are some sensitive documents, files, and other stuff that you wouldn’t want falling in the wrong hands after being disposed. Shredders provide a ready solution to chop down such waste properly and make it unusable in its original form after being disposed.

We, at Northern California Compactors Inc, ensure that all your waste consolidation and disposal needs are fulfilled. Keeping your safety and security concerns in mind, we offer a wide range of Avant-garde shredding machines at your disposal. Our high power, industrial grade shredders are specially engineered to chop down any volume of solid waste and are perfect for a wide range of operations.

Benefits of Using Shredders

Whether it is for reducing the size/volume of solid waste or destroying sensitive business documents and other files, shredders come with a long list of benefits.

Using shredders can eliminate unnecessary spending, which is otherwise channeled towards third party shredding services. The greater losses associated with the leakage of secret business information are also minimized by shredding documents before dumping them at abandoned places.

Shredding solid waste material helps in reducing the volume of waste and increases the capacity of containers to hold more trash. A reduction in the number of trips to the disposal ground or recycling plant helps in cutting down the hauling costs in the process. With trash is being managed properly, your workplace appears clean, orderly, and well-organized.

Shredding office documents means keeping business secrets from the prying eyes of competitors. Finely sliced documents are useless for anyone and help keep business information safe from information seekers, even after finding its way to the trash bins.

Range of Shredders

We have categorized our industrial shredders on the basis of cut style, cut level, capacity and the type of material they slice. You can choose one that matches your requirements according to the needs.

Tire Shredders


Our Tire Shredders are customized to match every possible need of users. They are perfect to process old and waste truck, car or two wheeler tires into rubberized asphalt, boiler fuels, DE-vulcanization, landfill cover, pyrolysis or DE-polymerization. We deal in both stationary as well as mobile shredders, which hold the capacity to process waste ranging between 1 to 10 tons per hour.



Paper Shredders

Industrial paper shredder machines

Equipped with highly superior technology, our paper shredders are capable of chopping paper waste into fine slices of 1/8”, or even smaller. They can be used to slice paper, magazines, newspaper, cardboard, brittle plastic, videotapes, small circuit boards, computer disks, box full of paper waste (up to 600 paper sheets) and other related stuff. Such features make them perfect for schools, offices, hotels, hospitals, and recycling stations.



Plastic Shredder

plastic shredding machine

These complete turnkey systems are a gem for users who want to add plastic shredders, chipper shredders, granulators and other kinds of shredders to their arsenal. We offer advanced shredding systems for processing plastic, aluminum turnings, tin cans, wood, paper, glass, steel turnings, aluminum cans, general refuse, carpet, pharmaceuticals, OCC, medical waste and much more.

Chipper Shredder

Our range of Chipper Shredder comprises of well engineered systems that offer complete yard waste management solutions to the users. Build from Avant-garde materials, these shredders are capable of chipping and shredding yard and warehouse wastes. Some more advanced systems also offer the feature of bagging the shredded waste.


What does Northern California Compactors offer you?

  • Green Initiative – Northern California Compactors Inc. helps you participate in the Green Movement, enabling you to play your part from your in-house facility itself. Shredded materials are ideal for composting, and even packing and protecting several items, serving as an alternative to foam and bubble wraps. Shredding also contributes large quantities of paper waste to the recycling industry, benefiting both, the business as well as the environment, in the process.

  • Legal Compliance – We help you fulfill your legal obligations by offering reliable products and services. With laws being passed against destroying sensitive documents and managing waste properly, we ensure that you stay within the legal boundaries and derive long term benefits from our machines.

  • Financing Options – Keeping your pocket in mind, we offer on-the-spot financing services to the customers. No matter what kind, make and model of shredder you want, our financing services will make it easy for you to purchase effective and reliable shredders for your workplace.