A lot of waste is generated by the corporate and industrial sectors. Proper measures to cut down the waste should be taken for the sake of sustainability. You can think of reusing or recycling waste before throwing them out. Also, one of the most effective and practical tools to manage huge waste is a trash compactor, also known as a garbage compactor. We are throwing some light here on how a commercial trash compactor works, its benefits, and safety tips for operating a commercial trash compactor.

If you are yet to buy a compactor, check out these essential points to consider before purchasing an industrial trash compactor.

How Does a Trash Compactor Work?

The primary work of a trash compactor is to crush trash into tiny pieces. By doing that, it makes trash manageable. Let’s understand what a trash compactor does with the help of this detailed description of its working:

  1. Throw your trash into the bin of the trash compactor.
  2. Remember to place large pieces of garbage in the center, and bottles should be placed on the bottom side.
  3. Garbage compactor functions with a large ram. You need to close the bin and activate the ram once the compactor is 50% full.
  4. A hydraulic pump is attached to the ram. This pump puts pressure on the ram to compact the trash.
  5. The trash is pushed into the bottom of the bin after being crushed.
  6. The bin later is picked up by the waste management company and taken to the recycle center.

What are the Benefits of Using the Garbage Compactor?

  • The trash compactor compacts the waste. Therefore it saves you money spent on waste management and labor cost.
  • Also, it doesn’t need to be emptied as often as a regular dumpster. Thus it saves on your time and effort as well.
  • It is a compact machine which doesn’t use much space at your company premises.
  • The trash compactor is environment-friendly as the crushed trash takes less space in landfills
  • It is easy for everyone to understand that how to use a trash compactor.

What Can You Put In a Trash Compactor?

There are not many things that you can’t put in a commercial garbage compactor. It practically compacts everything. Yes, you should first consider recycling before throwing anything. Items that are better off the compactor are as follows:

  • Aerosol Cans because they contain hazardous chemicals which can lead to explosion when compacted.
  • It is also better to leave out insecticides and other toxic chemical-containing material.
  • Other explosive materials like fireworks should also be kept away from the compactor.
  • Raw meat because it’s stinky and hard to clean.
  • Apart from the above list, you can use your common sense to decide if any material is odorous, toxic, or hard to clean.

Here, you can find a complete list of items that should never go in a commercial trash compactor.

Are There Any Industrial Trash Compactor Safety Rules?


There are not many compactor safety rules as it is a simple machine. But it is better to take the following precautions while using a commercial trash compactor:

  • Train Your Staff
    A trained person should only operate a trash compactor because it can be fatal if anything goes wrong. The person using the machine should know all the controls, including the emergency stop.
  • Inform Warning Signs
    Teach your staff about the warning signs appearing when there is some kind of malfunction in the machine. It should be a part of their safety training.

  • Be Careful While Loading the Compactor
    Take care of not overfilling the garbage compactor as it can cause problems in loading it. Also, when you are loading the compactor, you should ensure that it is secured and locked.

  • Keep a Rod to Move Items
    There can be some garbage which needs to be adjusted in the bin. Or sometimes, you can throw some wrong item in the compactor. Keep a rod to move or remove such items from the compactor.

  • Check for Rodents
    Animals are intelligent enough to stay away from garbage compactors. Still, you should always make it a point to check for animals before starting the machine. You can include that in your compactor safety checklist.

  • Follow Door Safety Rule
    Never start operating the equipment until its door is closed. And never open the door while the compactor is running. Both these scenarios are extremely dangerous for your life.

  • Put a Safety Harnesses or Physical Barrier
    Put a safety harness outside the commercial trash compactor, which can prevent the climbing or falling of your staff members in the machine. Make it a trash compactor rule to not start the device until the physical barrier is in place.You should regularly maintain and repair your compactor to prevent any significant fault in the machine in the future. Check out this link for the maintenance checklist of the trash compactor.

In Conclusion

The commercial trash compactor is a must for every industry. It is an efficient and sustainable way of waste management. Moreover, it is easy for everyone to understand how does a trash compactor work and how to use it.

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