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What do you do with the waste that your business produces every day?

You probably dispose of it in the traditional way whereby a trash collector comes in for timely garbage collection right? How about if you can save money on disposing of your trash?

Having your own trash compactor allows you to do just that by increasing your recycling efforts. It not only reduces your garbage collection costs but also keeps your workplace cleaner and spacious, making it easier to maintain an eco-friendly image before your customers.

Improper waste management puts your business at the risk of being shut down as improperly disposed waste is harmful to the environment and also poses a threat to human life. Compacting your waste prior to disposal will help you save more space in your workplace while allowing you to dispose of your waste in a more cost-efficient manner.    

Your trash compactor will help in crushing your waste materials and make it much easier for you to handle and dispose.

6 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Commercial Trash Compactor Today:

stationary compactors


1. Boost Your Company’s Efforts to go Green

The world is becoming more and more eco-conscious and is likely to support companies that support and follow a green ideology. It is best to enhance your efforts to go green with a commercial trash compactor. Trash compactors allow you to improve your company’s waste management efforts which your customers are bound to notice and spread the word about.

2. Create More Space

Trash compactors also help you save more space as they make bulky trash smaller and easier to store and dispose of. Compactors can crush this waste into smaller cubes and bales that are much easier to handle, as uncompacted trash takes up a lot more space.

3. A Trash Compactor Reduces Your Hauling Costs

Compacted trash consumes a tenth of the space than it would occupy if it was uncompressed. This reduced space helps in reducing the amount of storage space that you need. So, a lot more of your compressed trash can fit into a single truckload which results in fewer trips to the recycling or disposal plant, ultimately saving your time and money.

4. It is Very Easy to Operate

Technological advancements require that modern trash compactors only need the touch of a button from the operator to complete their job of turning all your trash into neat and tiny cube-shaped packages. An added advantage is that a trash compactor needs very little maintenance.

5. Saves on Transportation, Time and Fuel

If your company produces a lot of waste that needs to be taken to the dump or landfill to be disposed of properly, then a trash compactor can save you a lot of trips by compacting your waste which will require fewer truckloads. Having a trash compactor will help you save on your time, fuel and transportation costs.

6. Reduces External Dumpster Problems & Improves Sanitation on Your Premises

There are several problems that are associated with having external dumpsters which can lead to problems for you such as misuse of safety issues, misuse by passersby and neighbors, and even issues of employee pilferage. All these problems are eliminated if you have a trash compactor and neither will you have to worry about the wind spilling your trash which can attract vermin and give off a stench.

Choosing the Right Commercial Trash Compactor for Your Business

Commercial trash compactors do not operate on a “one-size-fits-all” approach as they come in a wide variety of sizes. This gives you the chance to choose a compactor that suits your needs. Whether you’re looking for an indoor or outdoor compactor, a trash compactor that is stationary, portable, self-contained or liquid tight, you will be able to find the one that is perfectly suited for your needs. Trash compactors also tend to come in various different sizes so you can purchase your compactor according to your space requirements.

Investing in a commercial trash compactor will help you reduce the cost of trash collection, present an eco-friendly image of your company and also avoid any regulatory violations. Trash compactors also help you free up a lot of space that was otherwise occupied by your trash for other activities. If you want to start saving money, improve your waste management and enhance your efforts for going green, contact our professionals at the Northern California Compactors, Inc. and let us help you get started.