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Are you thinking of buying an industrial trash compactor?

A lot of businesses nowadays are being increasingly harassed by the burgeoning problem of clutter reduction and waste management. Having an in-house industrial trash compactor can help reduce this ever-increasing strain on your company as well as the planet in a cost effective way.

So Why is Compacting Important?

More space is something that all businesses want as it allows them to expand as well as giving them room to play with their appliances. But usually, large expanses of these empty spaces are littered with a lot of loose trash or unwanted materials which can be compacted into a tenth of the size of the existing littered area with the help of an industrial compactor. You all know that the condition of dumpsters is pathetic nowadays as the trash is usually overflowing out of them, occupying precious parking space and area that could be better utilized. Industrial trash compactors are designed to bring about volume reduction from a ratio of 10 to 1 which allows 10 cubic yards of loose trash to be packed into a single cubic yard, allowing dumpsters to accommodate a lot more trash than usual.

Here are 4 Factors You Should Consider When Choosing a Suitable Industrial Trash Compactor:

    • The Size of Your Waste Output

This is the first thing that you should consider prior to buying an industrial trash compactor. The volume of waste that your company generates will determine the size of the compactor that you need and if you need one at all. You should ideally aim to balance the quantity of trash that you generate with the capability of the trash compactor that you intend to purchase.

    • The Type of Waste Your Business Produces

This varies according to your industry, whereby your waste will either be wet or dry. This is another factor that you should take into consideration prior to buying a trash compactor to best suit your needs. A self-contained compactor is a great choice as it can handle both liquid and solid waste if you are in the hospitality, hospital or education industry whereas stationary compactors are designed to handle dry waste such as metal cans, plastic and cardboard better.

    • Availability of Space in Your Workplace

The available space on your premises will also affect the model and size of the compactor that you should buy. The two basic models of commercial trash compactors are the vertical and horizontal compactors. Vertical compactors that take up less floor space are more suitable for businesses where space is a concern.

    •  Availability of Resources to Purchase the Compactor

Ultimately, your budget will determine the type of trash compactors that you plan on acquiring. Expenditure for any business is a sensitive issue and usually requires a lot of considerations. It is best to have a clear idea of the benefits of buying an industrial trash compactor and how much money it will save your business. The money saved should ideally count as part of your available resources.

Here are some vital points that you should thoroughly understand and consider prior to making your purchasing decision:

  • You can pull off waste management in a better way with such compactors without having to train personnel, set aside a recurring budget towards operation, or alter the routines.
  • The type of compactor should be decided upon pragmatically to facilitate an easy transition to balers and other modes of recycling at a later stage for efficient trash handling.
  • The nature of the waste, the relative strength of the compactor measuring up to the waste type, the relative distance of the nearest disposal site to dump trash, the spectrum of cost involved in transportation, the maintenance cost and other incidental considerations should be the key driving issues that should be studied before implementing industrial trash compactors for cost reduction.
  • You should also analyze how effectively the transition to balers can be made with the chosen compactor types to generate revenue from the waste stream.
  • A high powered trash compactor will bring down the processing cost and transportation bills due to the superb condensation of trash it can pull off. You should realize that it is not practical to pay heavily for having loose trash removed from your site on a regular basis while you can save handsomely on it with a trash compactor.
  • The benefits of industrial trash compactors will grow many times over when the volume of waste generation that is considerably higher and you have to pay to transport it to a nearby landfill or recycling site.
  • A trash compactor will give you peace of mind by relieving you of the safety and fire hazards posed by the accumulated trash in the dumpster and overflowing trash bins. The commercial trash compactor comes in varying sizes, strength and types to address typical trash issues.
  • Apart from this, numerous accessories and options are available for integration with the primary compactor to reinforce the firepower of the compactor. A trash compactor can improve your businesses’ bottom-line by highlighting your concerns towards environment preservation thus attracting incentives from the government as well as allowing room for recycling.

Make sure to invest quality time in weighing your options before buying a particular type of industrial trash compactor as it can improve your company’s waste management efforts, boost your profits, improve turnaround time, save capital, and improve your environment. Contact our professionals at the Northern California Compactors, Inc. today.

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