These automatic operation balers will reduce your labor costs as they can be continuously fed by hand, conveyor, loader, or air system and automatically tie off each bale.

  • 29 different standard styles and sizes allow you to process multi-materials from 1 to 28 tons per hour.

  • Ideal for distribution centers, manufacturing plants and recycling centers. These balers will process and bale cardboard, paper, plastic shrink wrap, coated book stock, newspaper, aluminum, tin, wire, plastic bottles and rags.

2R-150N-571,3000 LBS.3 to 68″30
2R-190N-701,350 LBS.4 to 99″2×30
2R-310W-841,600 LBS.8 to 1810″100
2R-310W-1021,600 LBS.11 to 2711″2×75
2R-450W-1021,700 LBS.11 to 2512″2×100

  • Many other sizes and models available.
  • Complete turn key system design and installation available

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Please contact our office to discuss your application so we can customize one of the above balers to suit your specific needs. We offer layout drawings and savings analysis at no cost or obligation.

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document-pdf-icon 24 pixelGalaxy 2Rdocument-pdf-icon 24 pixelNexdoordocument-pdf-icon 24 pixel2R-150N-57
document-pdf-icon 24 pixel2R-190N-70document-pdf-icon 24 pixel2R-250N-84document-pdf-icon 24 pixel2R-310W-70
document-pdf-icon 24 pixel2R-310W-84document-pdf-icon 24 pixel2R-310W-102document-pdf-icon 24 pixel2R-450W-84
document-pdf-icon 24 pixel2R-450W-102