This line of fully automatic operation balers will reduce your labor costs and increase productivity. There are over fifty different models to choose from.

Throughputs range from 1-41 tons per hour of cardboard.

These balers are ideal for distribution centers, manufacturing plants and recycling centers. They will bale cardboard, plastic shrink wrap, newspaper, coated book stock, plastic bottles and textiles.

PC-115-3230 HP7″UP TO 9 TONS1,500 LBS.
NS-240-5030 HP10″UP TO 8 TONS1,700 LBS.
WC-150-6030 HP8″UP TO 12 TONS2,200 LBS.
EWC-150-722×30 HP8″UP TO 17 TONS2,450 LBS.
WS-240-84100 HP10″UP TO 26 TONS2,200 LBS.
EWS-240-842×75 HP10″UP TO 41 TONS2,500 LBS.

  • Many other sizes and models available.
  • Available with conveyors, custom hoppers, cart dumpers , air feed systems and modem capabilities.

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Please contact our office to discuss your application so we can customize a system to suit your specific needs. We offer complete layout drawings and savings analysis at no cost or obligation.

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document-pdf-icon 24 pixelAuto Tie Balersdocument-pdf-icon 24 pixelPC115 & 150-32 Modelsdocument-pdf-icon 24 pixelPC115 & 150-44 Models
document-pdf-icon 24 pixelNS240-50document-pdf-icon 24 pixelWC 150-60 & 72 Modelsdocument-pdf-icon 24 pixelEWC 150-60 & 72 Models
document-pdf-icon 24 pixelWS 150-60document-pdf-icon 24 pixelWS 150-72document-pdf-icon 24 pixelWS 240-60
document-pdf-icon 24 pixelWS 240-72document-pdf-icon 24 pixelWS 240-84document-pdf-icon 24 pixelWS 310-84
document-pdf-icon 24 pixelEWS 150-60document-pdf-icon 24 pixelEWS 240-60document-pdf-icon 24 pixelEWS 190-72
document-pdf-icon 24 pixelEWS 240-72document-pdf-icon 24 pixelEWS 240-84